Disc Diffuser EPDM

Industrial aeration fine bubble disc diffuser for wastewater treatment

Disc Diffuser EPDM

Model 215mm 260mm 300mm
Size 8 inch 9 inch 11.8 inch
Bubble Type Fine bubble Fine bubble Fine bubble
MOC EPDM/Silicon /PTFE membrane EPDM/Silicon /PTFE membrane EPDM/Silicon /PTFE membrane
Strengthened PP+GF(glass fiber) carrier plate Strengthened PP+GF(glass fiber) carrier plate Strengthened PP+GF(glass fiber) carrier plate
Connector 3/4 NPT 3/4 NPT 3/4 NPT
Bubble Size 1-2mm 1-2mm 1-2mm
Flow Range 1-6m³/h 1-8m³/h 1-10m3/h
Slit Quantity 5000 8900 10000
Service Area 0.2-0.64m² 0.25-1.0m² 0.3-1.2m2
Service Life >5 year >5 year >5 year

Common blast aeration diffusers are as follows

(1) Microporous aeration plate
Microporous aeration plate is a kind of high efficiency aeration equipment which can produce 1 mm diameter micro bubbles. It is a special polyurethane film with micropores on PVC substrate to keep air tight, and reinforced with stainless steel channel steel and frame. The size of the standard parts is 1.2m × 3.6m and the weight is 105kg. It can be carried and installed by 3-4 people. The thickness of the special polyurethane film is about 1 mm, with great elasticity and excellent durability. At the same time, the surface of the special polyurethane film is smooth, it is difficult to adhere to the biofilm, even if the biofilm is attached, it is easy to peel off. Therefore, it is an excellent material for aeration.
Air blower is used to supply compressed air for blast aeration. Roots blower and centrifugal blower are commonly used.

(2) Variable microporous aerator
The variable microporous aerator is based on ABS engineering plastics as chassis, supporting plate and cover. The air distribution plate is made of special synthetic rubber, and the surface is full of tiny holes. When the aerator is aerated with oxygen, the variable micropores on the air distributor can automatically swell and open under the action of gas, so as to ensure the gas passing through the variable micropores. In the static state, the variable micropores on the distributor are closed. Due to the deformation of the distributor and the self expansion and contraction of the variable micropores, the blocking of the micropores in the aerator can be avoided. Secondly, an air valve device is installed at the aeration site to prevent the mixture from entering the air distribution pipe when the pipeline system stops supplying gas, so as to avoid the blockage of the branch pipe mixture. The dynamic efficiency of oxygen transfer is 4.0 ~ 6.0 kg / (kW · h).

(3) Rubber membrane aerator
The micro bubble rubber mold aerator is made of EPDM and other materials, which can be used in different applications. Its dynamic efficiency is 3.0 ~ 4.5kg / (kW · h). There are many air holes on the elastic rubber film, which are fixed on the ethylene or stainless steel chassis. After passing through the chassis, air or oxygen forms micro bubbles through the rubber membrane. The opening and closing of membrane holes are controlled by air flow, which can prevent water from entering the pipe network, especially suitable for intermittent aeration process.

Disc Diffuser EPDM Product application
Product application
1. Aeration of SBR, MBBR reaction tank, contact oxidation tank and activated sludge aeration tank in sewage treatment plant;
2. Aeration of denitrification / dephosphorization aerobic process;
3. Aeration of fecal and animal wastewater treatment plants;
4. Aeration in deep aeration tank;
5. Aeration in aeration tank of high concentration wastewater, and aeration in regulating tank of wastewater treatment plant;
6. Fish pond aeration and other applications

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