Rotary vane vacuum pump in power transformer

Power transformer is a kind of static electrical equipment, which is used to change a certain value of AC voltage (current) into another or several different values of voltage (current) with the same frequency. It is one of the main equipment in power plants and substations. There are three concepts of vacuum pumping in power transformer industry, including vacuum drying, vacuum oiling and vacuum burning. Among them, the rotary vane vacuum pump is used for vacuum drying, so what is the effect of the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in power transformer?

It is an important application of the vacuum pump to dry the power transformer with the rotary vane vacuum pump. Our company in the vacuum drying process to provide customers with the most appropriate vacuum solutions.

The insulation treatment process that the mechanical parts or the whole inner stator after assembly and winding wiring are impregnated with insulating paint in the vacuum state to become a whole. Vacuum drying of power transformer, vacuum oiling of transformer, production of crdt, transformer, reactor and insulator of high voltage switch can also be used for vacuum casting of power and electronic components requiring epoxy resin encapsulation. Therefore, these processes need the assistance of vacuum pump.

The process of vacuum drying is to place the dried materials in a closed drying chamber, and at the same time vacuum pump is used to heat the dried materials continuously, so that the water inside the materials diffuses to the surface through the pressure difference or concentration difference, and the water molecules obtain enough kinetic energy on the surface of the materials. After overcoming the mutual attraction between the molecules, they escape to the low-pressure space of the vacuum chamber, thus being vacuumized The process of pumping.

The insulation drying treatment of oil immersed power transformer is a very important process in the transformer manufacturing process, which has a great impact on the final quality of the transformer. Because the traditional vacuum drying equipment and technology are unreasonable, the drying mechanism is backward, the drying cycle is long and the effect is poor, which makes the drying process become the “bottleneck” in the transformer manufacturing process. According to the current situation of our country, it is urgent to develop a drying technology with less investment and better effect. The variable pressure vacuum drying technology is developed for this purpose, and has been successfully applied in production practice, and has achieved Good social and economic benefits have been achieved.


Application characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump in power transformer:

1. The rotary vane vacuum pump for power transformer is a new vacuum drying technology, which takes the water vapor which needs to be dried out as the heat carrier. By using the method of active control of pressure change, it correctly deals with the relationship between heating and vacuumizing. It can achieve the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, energy saving, short drying cycle and even heating with simple equipment.

2. It is the first time to realize the online automatic judgment of the end point of transformer vacuum drying in China. Ensure the drying quality.

3. The design of the rotary vacuum system is reasonable, the structure is simple and the performance is excellent.

4. High degree of automation, completely excluding the influence of human factors on the drying quality.

5. No pollution and good safety performance.

6. Energy saving, short drying cycle, less investment and reliable quality.

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