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Water ring pump manufacturers choose water ring vacuum pump matters needing attention

I. determination of water ring vacuum pump type

The type of water ring vacuum pump mainly depends on the pumping medium, the amount of air needed for work, the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure.

Two, water ring vacuum pump after normal work needs to pay attention to two points:

1. As far as possible, the vacuum degree of the selected vacuum pump should be within the efficient interval, that is, it should be operated within the critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure required, so as to ensure the normal operation of the vacuum pump in accordance with the required conditions and requirements. Avoid running near the maximum vacuum degree or exhaust pressure range of vacuum pump. Operating in this area, not only the efficiency is very low, and the work is very unstable, easy to make the vacuum pump vibration and noise. For the vacuum pump with high vacuum degree, cavitation will often occur in the operation of this area. The obvious phenomenon of this phenomenon is the noise and vibration inside the vacuum pump. Too much cavitation will lead to the damage of pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the vacuum pump can not work normally.

It can be seen that when the vacuum degree or gas pressure required by the vacuum pump is not high, the single stage pump can be selected in preference. If the vacuum degree or exhaust pressure requirements are higher, single-stage pump often can not meet, or, the requirements of the pump in a higher vacuum degree still has a large gas volume, that is, the performance curve in a higher vacuum degree is relatively flat, can choose two-stage pump. If the vacuum degree is above -710mmhg, roots water ring vacuum unit can be used as the vacuum device.

2. Select the vacuum pump correctly according to the pumping volume required by the system

If the type of vacuum pump or vacuum unit is selected, it is necessary to choose the correct type according to the amount of pumping required by the system

The following to introduce the big plan 2BV water ring vacuum pump.

Water ring pump manufacturer

2BV water ring vacuum pump works stably and reliably

The impeller is eccentrically mounted in a nearly circular pump body, and the impeller is equipped with many blades along the rotation direction. When the impeller turns, the water in the shell will form a swirling water ring along the pump shell under the action of centrifugal force, so it is called 2bv water ring vacuum pump. 2BV water ring vacuum pump works stably and reliably. Please refer to zibo boshi special pump co., ltd. for your introduction.

2BV water ring vacuum pump works stably and reliably

The space between the adjacent blades forms a cylinder that rotates relative to each other, moving water up and down the blades like a piston, in the same way as a reciprocating vacuum pump. When the impeller rotates, the gas enters the shell through the suction inlet of the shell, and then enters the impeller through the suction inlet of the orifice plate. After expansion and compression during the moving process, it is discharged from the orifice plate exhaust port to the exhaust outlet of the shell.

2bv water ring vacuum pump has compact structure and small footprint. Compressed gas is basically isothermal, that is, the compressed gas process temperature change is very small. Uniform suction, stable and reliable work, simple operation, convenient maintenance.

Water ring pump manufacturers have many years of production history, good management experience, product quality stability, production vacuum acquisition equipment and application equipment backbone enterprises. The main products are rotary plate type 2X series, 2XZ series, water ring vacuum pump and compressor SZ series. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

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