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2BV water ring vacuum pump assembly sequence what

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Before installing 2BV water ring vacuum pump, we should carefully read the installation manual and notes, and be sure to follow the installation sequence. Generally the assembly sequence has three parts, regarding this look at the water ring pump supplier.

Rotor assembly

1, 2BV water ring vacuum pump impeller should be installed in the correct position of the shaft, not to the side, otherwise it will cause uneven axial clearance and friction with the pump shell.

2. Install the shaft sleeve and tighten the shaft sleeve nut. In order to prevent leakage of water along the shaft, seal the rubber ring between the shaft sleeve and the nut.

3. Install the sealing ring, packing sleeve, water sealing ring, packing gland and water retaining ring on the shaft.

4. Install the bearing end cover and bearing, tighten the bearing nut, then install the bearing body and tighten the bearing end cover.

5. Install the coupling.

2BV water ring vacuum pump is hoisted into the rotor

1. Lift the rotor assembly installed above into the pump body smoothly.

2. After the sealing ring is in place, the disk moves the rotor to observe whether there is friction in the sealing ring. The sealing ring should be adjusted until the disk moves the rotor lightly.

3. Cover buckle of 2BV water ring vacuum pump

After the pump cover is fastened, tighten the bolt on the pump joint surface and the bearing body gland on both sides. Then, the disk rotor to see if it is different from before, if there is no obvious abnormality, you can connect the air pipe, sealed water pipe, add the packing, then, you can find the right coupling.

See the above introduction of the 2BV water ring vacuum pump assembly sequence, everyone learned? I would like to remind you that we must install in order. If you have any questions, please contact our water ring pump supplier.

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