Vacuum pump for methane extraction

2BV series liquid ring vacuum pump is used for steam pressure breathing of methane gas recovery in coal seam. The absolute pressure of 33mbar (97%) is 33 mbar. Under the condition of suction pressure below 80mbar, the long-term operation of vacuum pump is related to cavitation corrosion of protective pipe of ejector, that is, protecting atmosphere, suction pressure can reach 10mbar, and injection pump can be directly installed in compressor with pressure of 0.26 MPa (maximum absolute pressure). 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor will completely replace SK and 2SK series water ring pump and W, WY, WL series reciprocating vacuum pump with their excellent performance and advantages.

Vacuum pump for methane extraction
Main features:
Tightly coupled design facilitates installation and saves space.
Bearings are imported products, brand name is NTN or NSK
Standard seals are John Crane mechanical seals, eliminating leakage and easy to maintain.
2BV series products have cavitation protection ports. When they work near a limited vacuum, the cavitation protection port opens (or is connected to the separator) to get rid of the scream to protect the pump.
Aluminum bronze impeller has high strength and wear resistance. It can improve the corrosion resistance of the pump. If liquid flow components are made of stainless steel, the pump can be used under stricter conditions.
Unique outlet design can protect the pump from overpressure and ensure the best performance in the working range of 2BV vacuum pump.
Y2 series products are used in all motors. The protection level is IP54 or IP55 (IP44 normally), and the insulation level is F. (B normally).
The 2BVwater ring vacuum pump can realize all PTFE flexible seals, which can greatly prolong the service life under more harsh conditions.
Running smoothly, noise can be as low as 62 decibels.
As an air system expert, EVP has become one of the most successful suppliers of air blowers and vacuum pumps in China, with more than 20 years of R&D and marketing experience. We have a broad team of engineers to provide technical support to all customers, as well as large manufacturing bases for blowers and vacuum pumps.
Our products include Roots blower, side channel blower (also known as annular blower or regenerative blower), vacuum pump (liquid ring vacuum pump, also known as water ring vacuum pump), multi-stage centrifugal blower, single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower, centrifugal blower, industrial pump and electrical products. Due to the continuous globalization of our company group, we are expanding our sales and service network. Based on China’s domestic market, our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Australia, Finland, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Korea, India, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.
Technological innovation and leadership are key factors for the company’s progress. The international cooperation in prototype design and testing represents our commitment to continuing research on solutions best suited to meet market demand. The product combines experience, quality and reliability with the sustainability of various industries, namely ceramic products, cement products, pneumatic conveying, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, water supply and irrigation, wastewater and sewage treatment, mining, iron and steel, agriculture, electronics, food processing and packaging, ships and shipbuilding.
Our main goal is to provide excellent customer service, as well as innovative products and advanced system solutions. We strive to become a trustworthy partner of our customers.

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