Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Pump for Heat Treatment Vacuum Furnace

Heat treatment vacuum furnaces and atmosphere furnaces must be vacuum pumped. What kind of vacuum pump is most suitable? Industrial furnaces recommend the most suitable vacuum pump according to the actual production situation.
During the use of heat treatment vacuum furnace, according to the requirements of heat treatment vacuum furnace, the vacuum degree ranges from – 0.1Mpa to several Pa. The belt drive bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump is the most economical and economical one in actual production. If strict noise control is required, a direct-connected rotary vane vacuum pump can be used. Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump can be used to form a unit when the vacuum degree of vacuum furnace is high. Very few vacuum pumps are required to be in series with diffusion vacuum pumps.

Picture Display of Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Furnace

technical parameter

2X-4A 2X-8A 2X-15A 2X-30A 2X-70A 2X-100A
Pumping speed(L/s) 4 8 15 30 70 100
Ultimate pressure(Pa) Partial pressure 6×10ˉ²(5×10-4Torr)
Total pressure 2.66(2×10-2 Torr)
Rotary speed(r/min) 450 320 320 450 420 360
Motor power(Kw) 0.55 1.1 2.2 3 5.5 7.5
Working voltage(v) 380 380 380 380 380 380
Cooling Mode Natural cooling Water cooling
InletDiam(mm) I.D. 25 40 50 65 80 80
O.D. 30 50 80 85 100 125
Dimensions(mm) Length 540 790 790 810 910 1130
Width 335 430 530 480 650 740
Height 380 540 540 560 700 690
Oil capacity(L) 1.0 2.0 2.8 3.0 4.2 5
Recommend solenoid valve DDC-JQ25 DDC-JQ40 DDC-JQ40 DDC-JQ65 DDC-JQ80
Noise (dB A) 65 70 70 70 75 90
Weight(kg) 60 158 202 230 480 560


Vacuum Pump for Vacuum Furnace Size
Vacuum pump size selection: heat treatment vacuum furnace vacuum pump size can refer to the extraction rate and furnace tank size to choose the appropriate size of the vacuum pump, because the vacuum furnace vacuum to meet the requirements of vacuum time usually do not require special requirements, size selection range is large.
Vacuum pump of heat treatment vacuum furnace is a two-stage oil seal mechanical vacuum pump. It is the basic equipment used to extract gas from sealed container to obtain vacuum. It is suitable for electronic, refrigeration, electric light source, chemical industry, hospital, bottle gall, packaging, dehydration, drying and other industries. But it can not be used to extract explosive, corrosive to metals, chemical reaction to vacuum oil and gas with particles and dust, nor can it be used as a conveying pump and compression pump.

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