Roots liquid ring system for chemical process

Vacuum pump is a kind of common equipment in chemical production. It mainly draws air from the container to obtain and maintain vacuum. Vacuum pump and other related equipment constitute a vacuum system, which is mainly used for process control in chemical production or to transfer materials in closed pipeline from one place to another. At present, there are mainly horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump and liquid ring vacuum pump

In use. The vacuum pump has some defects. In the process of chemical process control, the requirement of vacuum degree is always from low to high along with the reaction, and the motor equipped with the above vacuum pump always works at the rated power. If the reaction is started, the higher pumping rate of the pumped system will cause the loss of organic solvent in the reaction system on the one hand, and the operation is difficult to control on the other hand “Punching phenomenon” often appears.

If we want to get a lower vacuum in the initial stage of the reaction, we usually open the vent valve on the vacuum buffer cylinder at a certain angle. Therefore, the production site is noisy because the vacuum pump sucks a lot of air. At the same time, the power of the motor is not fully utilized, resulting in a waste of electric energy.

In view of the above phenomena, roots liquid ring system is selected to replace the vacuum pump. The defects of the horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump and the liquid ring vacuum pump have been solved, and the power saving effect is obvious.

Roots liquid ring pump system

With the continuous development of economy, roots vacuum pump unit is also developing rapidly. Roots vacuum pump unit is widely used in China.

At present, almost all large or small high vacuum and medium vacuum systems at home and abroad are equipped with roots vacuum pump in order to shorten the pumping time and improve the production efficiency. Therefore, roots vacuum pump must try to enter the international market on the basis of occupying the domestic market, so it is necessary to further reduce the vibration and noise of domestic roots pump, thoroughly solve the problem of shaft seal oil leakage, and improve the pump’s foreign market Visual quality, improve the smoothness and cleanliness of the pump;

In order to meet the requirements of different limit vacuum degree, this kind of pump can be used in series. Generally, an air-cooled direct discharge air roots pump is added in front of the roots vacuum pump unit, and the limit vacuum reached is one order of magnitude higher than that of the previous pump. Because there is no working medium in the pump cavity, this kind of pump is actually a dry pump. At present, this kind of air-cooled direct exhaust air roots pump and unit has been tested in petroleum, chemical, plastic, pesticide, dynamic balance of turbine rotor, aerospace space simulation and other devices for a long time, so roots vacuum unit has been vigorously promoted and applied.

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