vacuum pump for Vacuum exhaust

vacuum pump for Vacuum exhaust. The exhaust sealing operation in canning process is an important procedure to ensure the quality of canned food preserved for a long time. In recent years, with the vacuum exhaust method brought by rotary vane vacuum pump, steam injection method brought by steam jet sealing machine and gas injection method brought by gas jet sealing machine, it is more popular to exhaust while sealing.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a series of pumps with the main pump and the vane vacuum pump as the front pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump is chosen as the front pump, so it overcomes the shortcoming of low pumping rate of rotary vane vacuum pump under certain pressure in use, and retains the Roots pump can work quickly, and has the advantage of relatively large pumping rate. Rotary vane vacuum pump can replace many mechanical vacuum pumps because of its compact structure and small area. Therefore, rotary vane vacuum pump units are widely used in vacuum smelting, power capacitors, transformer vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating equipment pre-pumping, electro-vacuum semiconductors and other industries will not react with pump oil. It also does not contain particulate dust.

When the rotary vane vacuum pump is lower than the saturated vapor pressure at the pump temperature, it can be filled with gas and discharged out of the pump at any time to prevent solidification in the pump oil. In addition, when the closed pump mouth is running, the condensate or vapor phase of the condensable gas that has been mixed into the oil will dissolve in the oil, and will spill out from the pump chamber. At this time, if the task of the air-opening town, a certain amount of condensable material can also be extracted, thus playing a certain role in pollution and extending the use of pump oil. Period.

The process of discharging water, air and other low-molecular-weight volatiles from materials, such as:

(1) In the production of vinyl plastic sol, the sol is placed in high vacuum to remove air, so as not to generate bubbles in the product;

(2) When using hand paste or spray forming to reinforce plastic products, it means to remove air between layers by appropriate methods;

(3) In exhaust extrusion, it refers to the removal of volatile substances such as air and water from materials by vacuum, such as canned exhaust.


Vacuum pump for vacuum exhaust advantages:

1. Prevent the development and growth of aerobic bacteria and fungi;

2. Prevent or alleviate the deformation or damage of the container caused by air expansion during heating and sterilization, especially the excessive pressure on the crimping edge, thus affecting its sealing performance.

3. Controlling or alleviating the corrosion of the inner wall of canned food during storage;

4. Avoid or alleviate changes in food color, aroma and taste;

5. Avoid damage to vitamins and other nutrients;

6. It is helpful to avoid mistaking the false expansion tank for corrupt and deteriorating expansion tank.

Canned exhaust method is the use of vacuum pump exhaust method, can achieve a higher vacuum in a short time, so the production efficiency is very high, some can reach more than 500 cans per minute; can adapt to the exhaust of various canned food, especially for non-heating food; vacuum sealer occupies less space. The application of vacuum pump in vacuum exhaust can improve efficiency and save energy.

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