Vacuum pump for dairy products

How does the dairy industry work with vacuum pumps

Application of vacuum pumps in milk filling lines text: vacuum technology is widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and refining industries. It is also used to remove dissolved gases from water and other liquids. For the industrial process of replacing steam with steam from products, the company supplies vacuum pumps with both ecological and economic benefits.

Vacuum pumps stand out from the crowd in creating the large-scale equipment needed for the dairy industry, which can satisfy the needs of various products of the industry, lead the new trend and stick to the competitiveness. It is used in the processing of raw milk and in the production, filling and packaging of milk and dairy products (whether butter, ice cream, yogurt and cheese, still infant formula, milk powder and whey and its derivatives).

Milk and dairy drinks are highly sensitive drinks. According to the required warranty period, the containers should be purified before filling. The shelf life of the product will vary according to the pH value. Aseptic filling is used for milk and dairy drinks. These products can be filled in an aseptic environment with reliable and functional equipment.

The vacuum pump sterilizes the preform; After disinfection, the preform was blown and irrigated with sterile gas in a sterile environment. Filling and sealing techniques are used to maintain a sterile condition. This process reduces the use of chemicals, does not require bottle washing, and requires a simple and small equipment layout, thus reducing power consumption.

Here’s how to buy a vacuum pump for a dairy:

Vacuum pump for dairy products

Rotary vane vacuum pump elements for selecting 

(1) determine the ultimate vacuum degree

Generally speaking, the ultimate vacuum degree of the system is 20% lower than the operating vacuum degree of the system and 50% lower than the ultimate vacuum degree of the front stage pump.

(2) the type of gas pumped and the amount of gas pumped

Check and determine the type and volume of pumping required by the process. Because if the type of gas pumped reacts with the liquid in the pump, the pump system will be contaminated. At the same time, the proper exhaust time and the amount of gas produced in the process must be considered.

(3) vacuum volume

Check to determine the time required to achieve the required vacuum, flow resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipe. Consider the rate of extraction required to maintain vacuum under certain process conditions after the required vacuum degree is achieved. The extraction rate of large vacuum pump, such as rotary vane vacuum pump can meet the requirements.

(4) also consider noise and vibration, which are very important for practical work.

Rotary vane vacuum pump installation and commissioning

1. Environmental requirements

Rotary vane vacuum pump should be installed in a stable, firm and open place; The purpose is to facilitate regular inspection and daily maintenance in the future.

2. Technical requirements

(1) the pump base ensures stability, and the four corners of the base are lined with shock absorbers or bolted down to ensure smooth operation;

(2) the pipe inside the pump shall be sealed, the pipe diameter shall be larger than the suction diameter of the pump, and the pipe shall be short and have less elbow;

(3) when arranging the pipeline of vacuum pump, the valve and vacuum gauge can be installed above the pump inlet to check the ultimate pressure of the pump.

3. Ensure that the safety ground wire and the motor have a specified voltage range, and install fuse and thermal relay of appropriate specifications;

4. For pumps with cooling water, connect cooling water according to the regulations;

5. If solenoid valve is installed at the pump mouth of rotary vane pump, the pump and solenoid valve need to work at the same time;

6. Before the pump test operation, take off the motor belt and confirm the steering of the pump before it can be put into use.

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