Vacuum pump space gas – liquid separation technology principle

The principle of gas-liquid separation by capillary action of vacuum pump: liquid water will spread on the surface of hydrophilic material. If the hydrophilic material is made into a porous structure (the hole is connected with the hole by a gap), the porous structure will become a special channel for liquid water, just like many capillary tubes. In the same way, porous structures made of hydrophobic materials will become dedicated channels for gases. In this way, the hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties of the materials are utilized to achieve gas-liquid separation.

Vacuum pump space gas - liquid separation technology principle

The quality of vacuum pump depends on its mechanical structure and oil quality. It must be well protected when using vacuum pump. If the volatile organic solvent is distilled, the organic solvent will be absorbed by the oil. As a result, the vapor pressure will increase, thus reducing the pumping efficiency. If the gas is acidic, it will corrode the oil pump.

Water ring vacuum pump product applicable standard

Comprehensive standard:

GB/T13384 General technical conditions for packaging mechanical and electrical products
GB10889 vibration measurement and evaluation method of pump
GB10890 pump noise measurement and evaluation method
JB/T4297-92 Pump product paint technical conditions
Sampling inspection of pump products
Cleanliness of JB/T6913-93 pump products
JB/T6880.1-93 Grey cast iron for pump
JB/T6880.2-93 Steel casting for pump

Standards for types, parameters, dimensions and technical conditions:
Water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor
Standard of water ring vacuum pump manufacturer

Methods of measurement and test:
Test Methods for water ring vacuum pumps and water ring compressors
Water ring vacuum pump and water ring compressor – Determination of air volume

Product quality grade:
JB/T53299-94 Single-stage water ring vacuum pump product quality rating
JB/533301-94 Two-stage water ring vacuum pump product quality grade

Standard for special industry:

API681 liquid ring pumps and compressors for petroleum, chemical and natural gas industries
Gb150-98 Steel Pressure Vessels
Gb151-99 Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
The ASME boiler and pressure vessel the first Ⅷ parts”
JB3225 Technical Conditions for Flameproof Three-phase Asynchronous Motor
GB3836.1 General Requirements for Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment used in Explosive Environment
GB3836.2 Flameproof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Environment Flameproof Type Equipment
GB3836.3 Increased Security type Electrical Equipment for Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment in Explosive Environment
GB50058 Code for Electric Power Design in Explosive and Fire Hazardous Environment
GB8098 Noise Standard
GB8097 Vibration Standard

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