Vacuum unit in oil field production

Vacuum unit in oilfield production of application

Vacuum unit is a mechanical oil recovery equipment which has developed rapidly in recent years. It is becoming an important way to replace pumping unit in heavy oil and sand production Wells. The type of drive in an oil field is related to the selection of development methods, which determine what forces (natural energy or artificially maintained pressure) are needed to develop an oil field, depending on the oil reserves. This article mainly describes the application of vacuum unit in oil field production, and vacuum technology in the oil field to play a role, according to these problems, please read the following carefully.

Vacuum unit in oil field production

There are five driving types of oil fields, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Drive the oil field by water pressure, utilize the energy of high-pressure water at the edge, and finally achieve the highest recovery, up to 50-30%;
2. The oil field is driven by air pressure, with the gas acting as gas cap energy to push the crude oil to the bottom of the well, and the final recovery rate is 40-50%;
3. Dissolved gas drives the oil field, and the gas separated from the oil layer expands to make the crude oil flow to the bottom of the well, and the final recovery rate is only 15-30%;
4. Elastic driving oil field, under rock pressure, oil compression, using the force of reservoir pressure reduction, oil body expansion flow to the bottom hole;
5. Gravity drives the oil field, and crude oil flows to the bottom of the well by gravity.

Both elastic and gravity-driven fields have lower oil recovery. Therefore, the difference in the final recovery factor affects the utilization degree of resources and the effect of investment, which is directly related to the total investment and development speed of oilfield development. Of course, it also directly affects the value of oilfield development and plays a great role in oilfield layout. In addition, the well site layout should be considered.

Vacuum unit of advantages:
1. Oil-free, dry and clean
2. Average thermalization in the field of low temperature
3, large pumping speed, can shorten the exhaust time
4, excellent corrosion resistance
5, low noise, low vibration

Vacuum unit in petroleum industry of application:

The use of vacuum to increase the recovery of crude oil and natural gas from oil Wells in an oil field promotes deoxidation of water and protects steel equipment. And in the formation of water to maintain pressure to prevent the formation of oil block. In the lower layers of the field, vacuum can be used to help process and separate the oil and recover the light distillate through the stability of the crude oil. In addition, for example, in a propane cooling cycle, where a vacuum is used to obtain enthalpy equilibrium, the self can be used as a refrigerant to cool down to a low temperature. In the example above, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) can be made from vacuum for easy transportation. In addition, a vacuum is indispensable when extracting air from the large refrigerating systems used to transport these gases. Subsequently, in the processing of crude oil and petroleum products, a vacuum is used to assist in the physical separation, usually by the following methods.
(1) commonly used low vacuum to remove useless components;
(2) when the distillation raw oil is heated under high vacuum, the product will not be degraded due to oil thermal cracking.

In addition, rotating filters in refineries, for example, are operated by vacuum, which is used in combination with stripper towers to prevent damage to products and solvents, and vacuum is used in cleaning systems that use catalysts and hydrogen in processing units. The above mentioned is the application content of vacuum unit in oil field production. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the customer service staff, and we will answer them one by one for you.

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