How to solve screw vacuum pump not start

When the screw vacuum pump fails to start, do not tamper with it to avoid greater failure of the equipment. Seek professional personnel for maintenance in time. However, the specific reason for the screw vacuum pump’s sudden failure to start is not clear, so find the root cause to solve so as to avoid this situation again.

Screw vacuum pump is a kind of suction and exhaust equipment, which uses a pair of screws to make synchronous and high-speed reverse rotation in the pump shell. It can pump out gas occasions with a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust.

Screw vacuum pump has a strong ability to pump water and remove dust. At the same time, it also has a good limit vacuum, low power consumption, energy saving, maintenance free and other advantages. Compared with traditional vacuum pump, it has improved several levels. Many experts believe that screw vacuum pump has a very strong market in the future, but in the face of these optimistic scenarios, we should also be intuitive Screw vacuum pump may be the failure, next for you to bring screw vacuum pump failure and solutions.


1. If the screw vacuum pump is stuck during the first pump test and cannot be started and operated, it is generally considered whether there are metal foreign matters (such as screws, welding slag, etc.) falling into the pump during the pipeline connection and installation, which cause the pump to be stuck and cannot be started and operated.

2. During normal use, the pump can’t be started again after shutdown, generally because the condensed materials in the extracted gas stay in the pump body and solidify under normal temperature, resulting in the adhesion between the two rotors and between the rotor and the pump body, or because too much dust in the extracted gas stays in the pump body to squeeze the rotor and can’t rotate.

3. If the vacuum pump can not be started and operated, generally do not disassemble the pump body first. If there is any foreign matter, try to manually reverse and take out the foreign matter. After using the pump, try to use solvent dissolution treatment. If it is impossible to solve, consider disassembling the pump body for cleaning.

In order to solve the problem that the screw vacuum pump cannot be started, it is also necessary to prevent the screw vacuum pump from being unable to start and operate. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that no foreign matters fall into the pump body during the installation. When there is dust and condensed material gas pumped out, purging measures are required.

Screw vacuum pump plays a very important role in many industries. With its increasing range of use and intensity of use, the probability of screw vacuum pump failure is also increasing. In fact, many times, these products or equipment, like human beings, are also living entities. Under high-intensity work, they will be more or less sick or uncomfortable. We can temporarily It is called screw vacuum pump fault. When these faults happen, we can’t avoid them, but we should find corresponding solutions. This is not only for the safety of screw vacuum pump, but also for the needs of work and production.

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