SV Rotary vacuum pump in paper industry in papermaking industry

Papermaking industry is one of the basic industries in China. There are a large number of domestic pulp and paper enterprises, which are widely distributed. The old paper machine drive system mostly adopts the drive mode of DC motor driving each drive roller shaft, which can achieve stepless speed regulation. However, due to the existence of carbon brush, the maintenance is quite difficult.

At present, vacuum pumps in the market are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries. However, for paper-making vacuum pumps, the work of the vacuum pump may cause greater vibration, affecting the quality of the working environment; and during the installation, it is not conducive to the installation, resulting in the inconvenience of operation, reducing the installation efficiency.

Therefore, a special vacuum pump for papermaking is proposed. The advantages of the rotary vane vacuum pump are fast pumping speed, small volume, light weight, low noise, convenient maintenance, high limit vacuum degree, etc., which meet the requirements of the vacuum pump for papermaking. Next, I will introduce the application of SV rotary vane vacuum pump in papermaking industry.

With the rapid development of paper industry and the large-scale and high-speed of paper machine, the rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in China’s paper industry. The rotary vane vacuum pump is divided into single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump and double-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, which can give full play to the energy-saving effect of the rotary vane vacuum pump, improve the vacuum degree, meet the matching requirements of modern small and medium-sized paper machines, and become the system of paper machine for vacuum pumping A choice of devices.

In order to meet the matching requirements of modern paper industry and achieve satisfactory use effect and energy saving advantages, the following points should be paid attention to in the use of rotary vane vacuum pump:

1. According to the energy consumption characteristics of the rotary vane vacuum pump and according to different vacuum degrees, select the appropriate type of rotary vane vacuum pump, which can not only achieve satisfactory energy saving effect, but also improve the vacuum degree and meet the matching requirements of small and medium-sized paper machines.

2. A small amount of sealing water shall be added to the rotary vane vacuum pump used in the paper industry before the air extraction port. The sealing water can be reused without hard sundries to play the role of water seal clearance and cooling pump body, which can improve the working performance of the vacuum pump, but the supplementary sealing water shall not be excessive, otherwise the power consumption of the vacuum pump will be increased.

The beneficial effects of the application of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the papermaking industry are as follows:

1. The vacuum pump for papermaking has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. It supports the motor through the support plate and the design of the spring is conducive to reducing the vibration frequency when the motor is working, reducing the noise, greatly improving the working environment quality of the operator and reducing the noise pollution;

2. The vacuum pump for papermaking is advantageous to install the vacuum pump through the limit plate, and is advantageous to install the vacuum pump at different positions through the movement of the limit plate, which improves the convenience of operation, reduces the installation difficulty and improves the working efficiency.

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