water ring vacuum pump performance characteristics

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of crude vacuum pump. The limit vacuum it can obtain is 2000 ~ 4000Pa, and the series atmospheric ejector can reach 270 ~ 670pa. Water ring vacuum pump can also be used as compressor, which is called water ring compressor. It belongs to low-pressure compressor, and its pressure range is 1 ~ 2 × 105Pa gauge pressure.

At first, water ring vacuum pump was used as self absorption pump, and then gradually used in many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, mining, light industry, medicine and food.

In many industrial processes, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum moisture return and vacuum degassing, water ring vacuum pump is widely used. Due to the rapid development of vacuum application technology, people have been paying attention to the water ring vacuum pump in obtaining the coarse vacuum. Because the gas compression in the water ring vacuum pump is isothermal, it can pump out inflammable and explosive gas, in addition, it can also pump out the gas containing dust and water. Therefore, the application of water ring vacuum pump is increasing day by day.

Compared with other mechanical vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. Simple structure, low manufacturing accuracy requirements, easy processing.

2. Compact structure, high revolution of vacuum pump, generally can be directly connected with motor without reduction device. Therefore, with a small structure size, a large exhaust volume can be obtained, and the floor area is also small.

3. The compressed gas is basically isothermal, i.e. the temperature change of the compressed gas process is very small.

4. Because there is no metal friction surface in the vacuum pump cavity, there is no need to lubricate the vacuum pump, and the wear is very small. The seal between the rotating part and the fixed part can be directly completed by the water seal.

5. Uniform suction, stable and reliable operation, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


The working pressure of the water ring vacuum pump should meet the requirements of the limit vacuum and working pressure of the vacuum equipment. Generally, the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump is half to one order of magnitude higher than that of the vacuum equipment.

Each kind of vacuum pump has a certain working pressure range. Therefore, the working point of the vacuum pump should be selected within this range, rather than allowing it to work under the allowable working pressure at a long time. As far as possible, the vacuum pump should be operated in the high efficiency area, that is, in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure.

Operation near the maximum vacuum or exhaust pressure shall be avoided. In this area, not only the efficiency is very low, but also the work is very unstable, easy to produce vibration and noise. For vacuum pumps with high vacuum degree, cavitation often occurs when they operate in this area. The obvious sign of this phenomenon is that there is noise and vibration in the pump. Cavitation will cause damage to pump body, impeller and other parts, so that the vacuum pump can not work.

Select appropriate vacuum pump according to air volume and vacuum degree. It is necessary to ensure the required vacuum degree or discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment under its working pressure.

When selecting a vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the gas composition. The gas contains no condensable steam, whether there is particle dust, whether there is corrosiveness, etc. Select the appropriate pump for the extracted gas. If the gas contains steam, particles and corrosive gas, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment on the air inlet pipeline of vacuum pump, such as condenser, dust remover, etc. Price, operation and maintenance cost of vacuum pump. Under the condition of using permission, we should try our best to choose cheap and good quality vacuum pump.

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