Remanufactured Nash* 2BE Series Pumps

Remanufacturing a used pump is a significantly lower-cost alternative to purchasing a new replacement pump. All completely remanufactured pumps are performance tested and include a full one-year warranty.

Remanufactured Nash* 2BE Series Pumps

All Technologies Available (Wet & Dry)
12 Month Warranty on all Units
100% Rebuilt Certified

Remanufactured Nash* 2BE Series Pumps is a kind of high-efficiency and enger-saving product typically used for pumping gas without solid particles, insoluble in water, and non-corrosive, so as to form a vacuum or pressure in a sealed container.

By changing the materials, it can be used for pumping corrosive gases or corrosive liquids. It is widely used in papermaking, chemical, petrochemical, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food, coal, mineral processing, and other industries.


Remanufactured Nash* 2BE Series Pumps Features:

1. Imported bearings are used to ensure accurate positioning and stable operation of impellers.

2. The material of impeller is cast iron or welded steel, which fully guarantees the stability of impeller under various adverse conditions and greatly improves the life of pump.

3. The steel structure of the pump body improves the service life of the vacuum pump.

4. As the most easily damaged parts, the axle sleeve is made of high chromium stainless steel, and its service life is increased by 5 times.

5. Belt pulley (belt drive) has high standard precision, reliable operation, long service life and easy disassembly.

6. The couplings (direct transmission) adopt standard high-strength flexible couplings, and the flexible components adopt polyurethane materials, which have stable and reliable operation and long service life.

7. Unique top-mounted air-water separator saves space and reduces noise.

8. All castings are cast with resin sand, with good surface quality and good pumping cooling.

9. The import of mechanical seals (optional) fully ensures that there is no leakage during long-term operation.

10. The inner wall of the shell is similar to an ellipse to ensure the best exhaust effect.

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