Hastelloy anti corrosion claw vacuum pump for use requirements

ZB this new series is based on dry claw technology and adopts innovative design, which is a new benchmark in claw pump market. It is simple, durable, efficient and excellent pollution physical treatment ability, making them your wisest choice. The new type dry claw pump is a cost-effective solution, which can meet the customer’s standards and needs.

The corrosion resistant rotor design of dry claw pump is very excellent. The well-known surface coating technology is applied in vacuum process room, which has been tested in the application of compressor.

Claw vacuum pump application

ZB claw vacuum pump advantages:

1. Innovation performance: the market-leading low noise level and high efficiency ie3 motor is equipped with frequency conversion options, which is comprehensive controllable and easy to maintain, no contact with internal parts, no wear and cooling operation, simple air cooling, compact design and small floor area.

2. Built in corrosion resistance (standard): corrosion resistant rotor, pump body inner wall coating, suitable for a variety of strict applications.

3. Ingenious component design: quick removable head, quick cleaning of head without opening gearbox.

4. Upgraded bearings and seals: Based on proven design experience of compressors and screw vacuum pumps, it can guarantee long-term fault free even in the most demanding application environment.

The series is durable and reliable, and is suitable for many applications including central system, pneumatic transmission, CNC transportation and milking. The simple claw pump is equipped with non-contact dry pump cavity, which has excellent performance and energy efficiency.

The correct grasp of the requirements of claw type dry vacuum pump can reduce the equipment failure caused by the insufficient maintenance and maintenance of the equipment. Today, we will explain the requirements for the vacuum pump of Hastelloy anti-corrosion claw:

1. The pump can work continuously under the pressure lower than the absolute pressure of 20000pa, and it is not allowed to work in the pressure range higher than the absolute pressure of 20000pa for a long time;

2. If it is used in a cool, humid environment or in an environment where weak acid gas is removed, proper amount of nitrogen or dry air shall be pumped before the shutdown to prevent the pump body from rusting;

3. The working environment temperature of the pump is within 0-40 ° C. if the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ° C, the cooling water in the pump must be dried with compressed air when the pump is stopped to prevent freezing cracking;

4. If water is stopped suddenly, stop the pump immediately, otherwise the pump will be stuck or burned down due to overheating;

5. Do not start and stop pump frequently when working, otherwise it will affect the service life of the pump;

6. After each use, the replacement pump cavity must be purged with nitrogen;

7. If the pump does not work for a long time, the cooling water shall be removed before shutdown. Proper dry air or nitrogen shall be pumped into the pump cavity, and the pump chamber shall be cleaned, and the inlet and exhaust ports shall be sealed and then preserved;

8. It is forbidden to mix claw vacuum pump with oil sealing mechanical pump when the pipeline valve is open; it is forbidden to use this pump as compressor.

When the claw vacuum pump is abnormal, if its related specialty is not high and the operation ability is not strong, it is recommended that it is not allowed to operate alone to avoid more serious damage. Professionals can be sought for repair, which is safer and more reliable.

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