Factors affecting the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump

Vacuum pumps are widely classified, mainly including oil free vacuum pump, SK liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BV liquid ring vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump, vane vacuum pump, dry vacuum pump, vortex vacuum pump, 2be liquid ring vacuum pump and other models. So what are the factors that affect the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump?

The ultimate pressure unit of vacuum pump is PA, which means that the pump is equipped with a standard test cover at the inlet and operates according to the specified conditions. Under the condition of normal operation without introducing gas, the minimum pressure tends to be stable. Extreme pressure is also called extreme vacuum, which together with the air volume, exhaust pressure, power and efficiency of the pump constitute the basic parameters of the water ring pump. Usually we mark these data on the sample or in the manual, but many customers find that many of the above data fail to meet the standards after field measurement, which is different from the data on the sample. Then they ask us questions: Yes. Is not the performance of the pump not up to standard?

In fact, you should also see that there is a mark on all our samples or instructions, that is, the performance index is obtained under the following conditions: ① atmospheric pressure 0.1013mpa ② water temperature 15 ③ gas relative humidity 70% ④ air 20 ℃ ℃⑤air extraction tolerance is 10%. First, the water ring vacuum pump is used to pump the gas in the system, and then it is discharged to the surrounding atmosphere to form A mechanism that creates a vacuum or draws the surrounding atmosphere into the system to form pressure. Obviously, the surrounding atmospheric pressure has an important influence on the performance of liquid ring vacuum pump. The design of liquid ring vacuum pump is carried out under the condition of assuming a standard atmospheric pressure around. All its performances refer to the conditions and other requirements. The change of atmospheric pressure at the inlet or outlet of the liquid ring vacuum pump is generally caused by the use of the pump in different altitude areas. Atmospheric pressure shows different performance indexes with the difference of altitude and climate temperature.

The water temperature, that is, the liquid ring temperature, has a great influence on the performance of the pump. Because of the heat generated by the rotation of the pump shaft and the heat generated by the friction with the pump body or packing, the water temperature rises, which makes the saturated steam pressure in the pump body affect the performance of the pump. Therefore, we need to continuously refill the cooling water to reduce the temperature, which is the influencing factor related to the working condition. It can be considered that reducing or Reduce losses. We will continue to explain the impact in detail for you.


In addition, the liquid ring vacuum pump is also affected by weather humidity, air temperature, rotating speed, mechanical efficiency and hydrodynamic efficiency (water medium efficiency). For example, the shaft power under the same compression ratio increases significantly with the increase of rotating speed, but the mechanical loss rate is also proportional to the square of rotating speed, the hydraulic loss power is proportional to the cubic of rotating speed, and the pneumatic loss rate increases with the increase of rotating speed. Add. In this way, the speed increase makes the shaft power increase, but the efficiency decrease, which is not only uneconomical, if the motor is not replaced correspondingly, the occurrence of dangerous accidents should be considered; and the speed reduction operation may also cause eddy current in the water ring, or even the water ring cannot occur. In addition, make-up water will further affect the performance of the pump according to the quality of the water medium, whether it contains more impurities and the viscosity of the liquid ring. These are determined by operating conditions.

In a word, the theoretical parameters are difficult to achieve in real conditions, or even impossible to achieve. As long as the error is within the control range, or the various factors are converted into the data under standard conditions without affecting the restrictions of the customer’s use conditions, then the liquid ring vacuum pump can be regarded as qualified.

Liquid ring vacuum pump, compressor, vacuum unit, etc. are well received by the industry. Advanced liquid ring vacuum pump and integrated complete set of equipment are exhausted. Leading products: 2BV, 2be, SK, WL series vacuum pumps, SY \ 2SY series high pressure liquid ring vacuum pumps and other products have been widely used in thousands of enterprises such as metallurgy, pharmacy, chemical industry, food, paper making, coal, petroleum, building materials, light industry, and obtained good industry evaluation.

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