Vacuum pump using advantage

Vacuum pump using advantage of strategy

When the rotor rotates in the direction of the arrow, space a expands continuously, and the gas in the pumped container continuously enters the space, while space C becomes smaller and smaller. The gas is driven out of the cavity through the valve through the air outlet. When the rotor turns half circle and becomes a 1 (b) state, the originally separated space B becomes connected with the air outlet, and the gas in the space continues to rotate with the rotor And is discharged from the cavity.

Vacuum pump using advantage

When the rotor is continuously rotating, the result is that the gas is constantly entering the cavity from the inlet port, and is continuously discharged from the air outlet, so the gas to be pumped from the container is less and less, and the pressure is getting lower and lower. This achieves the purpose of pumping. It can be seen from the above extraction process that the machining accuracy requirements of a, B and C are very high.

But no matter how precise the processing is, it is impossible to do without air leakage at all. Therefore, the whole cavity and rotor of the mechanical pump are immersed in the oil of mechanical pump with higher consistency to strengthen the sealing at these places. At the same time, the oil also plays a role in lubrication and heat dissipation. Even if the mechanical pump uses mechanical pump oil to seal, although the amount of air leakage is reduced, it can not be completely sealed, so the vacuum pump that the mechanical pump can reach has a certain limit.

The use of mechanical pump attention to understand the structure and working principle of mechanical pump, you can know that in use must pay attention to the following problems.

A) The ceramic fiber module of mechanical pump cannot be reversed. In case of reversal, the result must be that the mechanical pump oil is pressed into the suction container by the rotating plate. This is not allowed. Therefore, before connecting the mechanical pump with the motor, it is necessary to test the following motor steering separately to see if the direction specified by the mechanical pump is the same.

B) The cavity of mechanical pump should not fall into hard foreign matters. In practice, due to carelessness, some metal chips, glass slag and other things will fall into the cavity from the air inlet, which will cause the mechanical pump to jam and burn out the motor. At the same time, due to the friction of these hard objects in the pump, the rotor, cavity wall, rotating plate and other places are scratched, the sealing degree is damaged, and the limit vacuum of the pump is reduced.

C) Mechanical pump oil can not be mixed with water or other easily evaporated impurities, nor can it be used to pump a lot of water in the system. If there is a lot of water in the system and mechanical pump must be used to pump air, a pneumatic mechanical pump must be used.

D) Mechanical pump: air must be released after completion.

So after a stop l bligh mechanical pump rotor rotation, the pressure in the intake is low, and the outlet with the atmosphere outside the cavity is separated by a layer of oil on the valve and the valve, the valve is not sealed, so the state remain in the long run, the oil under the action of atmospheric pressure on the valve, will inevitably after valve and a lot of pressure into the cavity, and through the rotor cavity between the seal leak into the air inlet part, after will lead to a lot of on being mechanical pump oil into the container, to form a mechanical pump oil. Therefore, after the mechanical pump stops rotating, it is necessary to immediately put the atmosphere into the inlet part, so that there will be no anti-oil.

E) Mechanical pump oil should be added to the amount specified in the description, too much or too little is not good. There is a transparent observation window on the shell of the mechanical pump, through which you can see the position of the oil level in the pump. At the same time, a standard line is drawn on the window. If the oil level is lower than the standard, you should add oil, and the oil added should also be the oil of the brand specified in the instruction manual.

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