Industrial dry screw pumps

Dry screw vacuum pump application level

At present, the vacuum industry focuses on the dry screw vacuum pump based products. This performance is very advanced in all aspects of the equipment, and the overall impact of foreign countries is relatively large. From the perspective of the overall development of the products, it is also very suitable for the production and application of domestic enterprises. The effective advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction play a very important role in the production and management of enterprises. In terms of the production capacity of domestic products, manufacturers are very keen to develop such products. If the equipment can be localized, the price advantage of the whole product will be improved.

According to the overall level of dry screw vacuum pump, speed up the production capacity, improve all aspects of its application performance, according to the current situation of domestic industry, increase investment in product development, actively learn advanced technology in all aspects, improve the ability of independent development, so as to reflect the performance of dry screw pump.

Screw vacuum pump leak detection

With the development of industry, screw vacuum pump has entered more and more industries, and some long-standing pump leakage detection has also become a problem, in order to prevent leakage from affecting normal production and causing damage to equipment.

1. Search for small and micro leaks
It is difficult to investigate the small leakage and a small amount of leakage. The common method is to use the sensitive reaction of the ionization tube to a certain gas under high vacuum. Check for example, acetone or ethanol.

Use a medical syringe to spray acetone or ethanol suspiciously to the leakage point. The needle of the ionization meter must be patient, wait patiently, and wait until the indicator of the ionization meter is stable, That is to say, the pumping capacity and leakage rate of the water ring pump are balanced, and then spray. The suggestion is to repeat several times to confirm the leakage point.

2. Search for internal and external leakage
The leakage of water-cooled jacket inside the screw vacuum pump equipment undoubtedly exists in the investigation of external leakage, but the suction speed of the mechanical pump is reduced, the display value of the vacuum gauge is low, the mechanical pump oil is emulsified in the early stage, and the iron-based elements in the vacuum chamber are obviously rusted. The internal leakage can be basically determined if the above conditions are met. Clean the inner wall first, and then pass the cooling water to see if there is any wet point. The wet point is the leakage point.

3. The flame method with larger leakage point can be used to remove the flame in principle by using air flow. Vacuum, such as using candles or igniters near suspicious spots, will find flames drifting to the leak and find the leak.

The leakage point inspection of screw vacuum pump shall be carried out in stages, and the degree of leakage point shall be judged from a small point. According to this, the symptomatic treatment shall be carried out to meet the use requirements of the equipment.

Industrial dry screw pumps

Industrial dry screw pumps

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