Roots blower in grain conveyor

Small grain suction machine is a kind of small equipment specially designed for rural grain transportation, loading, stacking and storage. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, easy to move, high efficiency of grain suction, low damage rate, wide use occasions, safety and reliability. It is very suitable for individual farmers, grain professionals and agricultural cooperatives. It can also be used in farms, feed factories, food factories, plastic factories and other occasions for conveying pellets. Can transport wheat, soybean, corn, rice, sorghum, plastic, resin, rice and other particles. It can be transported horizontally and obliquely. It is lower than any transportation method and transportation cost. It changes the traditional mode of transportation, liberates the labor force, and is convenient for application.

The grain suction machine can be divided into two types according to the conveying mode:

Suction type and suction only type. Suction type grain suction machine: the material carried by the wind is sucked into the machine through the suction device and the suction pipeline, and then separated by the separator. The material is then sent to the warehouse, the carriage and other transport terminals by the pipeline and the unloader, and only suction type grain suction machine is not delivered. After the material is sucked into the machine, it is free to fall into the outlet of the shut-off fan through the separator and the shut-off fan, and directly stacked grain, bagged or connected to other transport equipment.

Each impeller always keeps the correct phase through the synchronous gear, so the agricultural grain suction fan will not touch each other, so it can improve the speed, do not need internal lubrication, and the structure is simple. For example, if the pressure of Roots blower is 19.6kpa, the pressure should not exceed the pressure. If the pressure is too high, decompress the fan. Roots blower are used for desulfurization and oxidation fans. Each fan includes lubrication system, inlet and outlet muffler, intake chamber, intake pipe (including filter), distribution system in absorption tower, pipe, valve between pipe tower and fan. Flange and accessories, motor, coupling, common base of motor and fan, local control cabinet, cooler, etc.

roots blower

The impeller group adopts the overall structure. The three blade roots fan has removed the bearing seat. The imported bearing is directly installed on the wall plate with step hole. The shell and wall plate are positioned by cylindrical pin to ensure the coaxiality. The working point of Roots fan is the intersection of the performance curve of fan at a certain speed and the resistance characteristic curve of pipe network.

Compared with the suction type, the concentration and transportation distance can be greatly increased. At the same time, in order to prevent the gear from falling off the shaft, the round nut can be left on the shaft when pulling the wheel. Usually, the wind in and out is unfavorable. Inlet filter, casing ash and outlet pipe are not fully opened and blocked.

Roots blowers are used, mainly with high pressure, so the suction is large, and the maximum pressure can reach 100KPA.

This roots blower is a vacuum roots blower, i.e. roots vacuum pump, which uses roots blower for vacuum suction.

Roots blower in grain conveyor

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