Side channel blower manufacturer

Side channel blower manufacturers are global sales, we design the side channel blower is the ideal solution for all industries, for moving a large amount of air at low pressure or vacuum.
Unlike positive displacement compressors and vacuum pumps, regeneration blowers can “regenerate.”.

Most blowers are single-stage because air molecules travel around the blower housing once and then run out. In addition to single stage units, some blower manufacturers offer two stage blowers.

The two-stage regeneration blower can provide almost twice the pressure or vacuum of the single-stage unit. The two-stage blower works much like a single-stage unit, because the impeller constantly impacts the air molecules, thus creating vacuum and pressure.

In a staged blower, the air molecules will rotate once at the front of the impeller. Instead of being exhausted after the first rotation (like a single-stage unit), air flow is internally transplanted to the back of the impeller.

Then, the air molecules will rotate another time on the back of the impeller, which will double the number of times the impeller blades hit the air molecules. After the second rotation of the blower housing, the air is exhausted. The two-stage blower can produce higher pressure and vacuum because the impeller blades are hit or “regenerated” air molecules by two rather than one rotation.

Side passage blower of main features

* Ex standard explosion-proof motor.
* IP55 motor.
* Fire-resistant ADC 12 aluminum alloy for blower cover.
* Heat resistant bearings.
* Leak proof structure.
* Horizontal installation.
* Voltage: three-phase 380V
* Power range: 1.5KW – 22KW

Side channel blower Technical unit exchange


Unit Conversation Factor Final Unit
hp 0.746 Kw
Btu/h 293.1 Kw
Kw 1.341 hp
Kw 0.00341 Btu/h
Unit Conversation Factor Final Unit
in. 25.4 mm
in. 0.0254 m
ft 305 mm
ft 0.305 m
m 39.37 in.
m 3.28 ft
Air flow
Unit Conversation Factor Final Unit
I/min 0.06 m³/h
gal/min 0.227 m³/h
ft³/min 1.669 m³/h
m³/h 16.667 I/min
m³/h 4.403 gal/min
m³/h 0.558 ft³/min
Unit Conversation Factor Final Unit
Pa 0.01 mbar
hPa 1 mbar
kPa 10 mbar
mmH2O 0.098 mbar
mH2O 98.07 mbar
at 980.7 mbar
inchH2O 2.491 mbar
PSIIpf/in² 68.948 mbar
mbar 100 Pa
mbar 10.2 mmH2O
mbar 0.0102 mH2O
mbar 0.00102 at
mbar 0.4016 inchH2O
mbar 0.014505 PSIIpf/in²

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