Liquid ring vacuum pump series

Liquid ring vacuum pump industry of development

With the gradual emergence of the scale benefit of liquid ring vacuum pump industry in China, the technical trade measures of the industry have been strengthened, and the market environment tends to be complex. Now, the international industrial environment is not clear, overseas market expansion encountered resistance, many enterprises will focus on the domestic market.
The start of 2013 has been in the field of liquid ring vacuum pump has some policy tilt, with some key construction projects were launched, the industry is expected to most of the liquid ring vacuum pump industry or will be recovered, and in the longer run direction, market competition will also promote industry integration, promotes the development of scale economy.

DVL series liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pump series
Liquid ring vacuum pump of several matters needing attention

(1) the transmission medium and its temperature should be in the pump material allowed range. The service temperature of engineering plastic pump is <60℃, the service temperature of metal pump is <100℃, and the suction pressure is no more than 0.2mpa, the maximum working pressure is 1.6MPa, the density is no more than 1600Kg/m3, the viscosity is no more than 30×10-6m2 / S liquid without hard particles and fibers.

(2) the transmission medium, if there are solid particles, pump inlet to add a filter: if there are ferromagnetic particles, need to add a magnetic filter.

(3) liquid ring vacuum pump in use of the environment temperature should be less than 40℃, motor temperature rise should not exceed 75℃.

(4) magnetic pump normal operation of 1000 hours, should be disassembled bearing and end ring wear and tear, and replace the wearing parts should not be used again

(5) for the transport fluid is easy to precipitate the crystallization of the medium, after use should be cleaned in time, drainage of the pump fluid.

6 because the cooling and lubrication of magnetic pump bearing is dependent on the medium of transmission, so absolutely prohibit empty operation, at the same time to avoid the middle of the work after power failure caused by the time and space load operation.

The traditional welding machining method is easy to damage the material and lead to deformation or fracture of the parts. Brush plating and spray machining methods often need outsourcing, not only repair cycle long, high cost, and because of the repair of materials or metal materials, can not fundamentally solve the cause of wear.

Polymer composite repair materials have super adhesion, excellent compressive strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance and other comprehensive properties. Using the ka wah 2211 f polymer composite restorative materials the relatively small size of the transmission parts wear conditions can live free disassembly repair, avoid mechanical processing, thermal stress and no repair welding heat affected, repair the thickness is not restricted, and the product of abrasion resistance and rolled metal materials do not have, to ensure full contact with repair parts, reduce the impact of vibration equipment, avoid the possibility of wear and tear, and greatly prolong the service life of equipment components, for enterprises to save a lot of downtime, creating huge economic value.

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