Special air blower for filling equipment

Where does filling equipment special air blower manufacturer have? Filling equipment special air blower spot supplier, filling equipment special air blower price quotation is how much? About these questions, let’s introduce them.

Special air blower for filling equipment

Air blower for filling equipment are as follows of models and parameters:

Processing customization: no
Type: high pressure air blower
Airflow direction: advection
Material: aluminum alloy
Fan pressure: high pressure blower
Performance: low noise
Purpose: special air blower for filling equipment
Weight: 66 (kg) kg
Power: 7.5 (kw)
Air volume: 9.16 (m3 / min)
Pressure rise: 43 (kPa) kPa
Scope of application: food machinery, printing machinery, packaging

Special air blower for filling equipment

How to match air blower with pipeline

The matching of air blower pipeline will also have a certain impact on the performance index and effect of the air blower. For example, we met a customer who used 720 double impeller air blower for oxygen aeration. After connecting the pipe, we found that the effect was not good after the machine test, and the gas output was very small. Later, after taking photos, we found that there was a problem with the original pipe, and the supervisor adopted 50 Pipe, this section is no problem, and then a branch pipe was connected, the branch pipe was 10 mm, and only one pipe was connected.

In this regard, the answer is clear, the pipeline is too thin, the air can not go out, suffocating the air blower, resulting in pressure rise, a series of problems have come out, after the transformation, the problem has been solved perfectly, so we can see how important the pipeline matching is.

Air blower pipeline matching principle:

1. Before installation, the air blower shall be familiar with various operation requirements of the manual, check whether the attached accessories are complete, whether various technical documents are complete, and whether the air blower is bumped during transportation;

2. The weight of the pipeline shall not be supported by the air blower, and the forced hard connection between the air blower and the pipeline is not allowed to prevent the increase of vibration and noise. Soft connection transition shall be used;

3. The configuration of pipes and interfaces (the ratio of pipe diameter to outlet diameter of air blower is preferably 1.1:1) or larger than the cross-sectional area of air inlet and outlet diameter of air blower, the length of pipe shall be shortened as far as possible, and elbows shall be used less, because the more elbows, the greater the pressure loss;

4. In order to reduce the resistance, the right angle T-joint should be reduced or not used, and the Y-type joint should be used instead. Each joint of the pipeline should be well sealed, and the sealing tape should be wound around the interface to prevent the pressure drop caused by air leakage and reduce the loss of flow;

5. The pipeline collocation of aeration users should follow the principle of large, medium and small. Reference: installation diagram of microporous aeration air blower in fish pond, and overload operation is prohibited;

6. In order to protect the air blower motor, it is better to install current overload protection device.

The above information about the special air blower for filling equipment is introduced.

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