Vacuum pumps for battery production

What surprises the battery vacuum pump users? Reliable quality? Or rich technology? Or a reasonable vacuum system scheme? The professional customer service will answer all the questions about the battery vacuum pump and why EVP is used by most people in the battery industry. This is the official website of EVP battery vacuum pump ~!

Practical battery vacuum pump!

In recent years, with the rapid development of the battery industry, the requirements of the vacuum pump are higher and higher. Many manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of the battery factory with high requirements. Through EVP’s technical team’s careful analysis and planning of the vacuum system program. Let a large number of battery enterprises choose EVP nod to EVP.

Let’s look at the vacuum pump used in battery production:

Vacuum pumps for battery production

Rotary vane vacuum pump for precautions

(1) The vacuum degree refers to the pressure of the residual gas in the pumped container, with the partial pressure as the factory standard and the total pressure as the auxiliary standard. The thermocouple meter measures the total pressure of various steam and permanent gas, while the McIntosh meter can only measure the partial pressure of permanent gas, so the values of the second meter are different to some extent.

(2) The pumping speed is calculated according to the geometric dimension. When the atmospheric pressure is j, the actual pumping speed is basically consistent with the geometric pumping speed. At various pressures, the pumping speed has a certain decline, and the relationship between the pumping speed and the pressure.

(3) Temperature rise refers to the difference between the temperature of the oil at the exhaust valve and the room temperature after the pump temperature is stable.

(4) Model representation of rotary vane vacuum pump: column 2k-1, 2 represents two-stage pump, K represents rotary vane vacuum pump, and the number behind a horizontal line represents pumping speed per second.

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