Air compressor for quarrying

Air compressor purpose:

Air compressor is widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries.

Air compressor main components:

The low RPM motor and fskf isolation rate bearing made in the tail ensures reliable operation of our compressor and is 3% to 5% more efficient than our competitors’ machines. It has two other advantages, such as low energy consumption. Energy saving, reliable and durable.

Intake valve
With the help of advanced air flow control system, the intake valve can be adjusted between 0% and 100%. By using the volume control valve, the compressor will lose less pressure, balance the air supply and consumption, and extend the service life. Advantages: save energy and reduce energy consumption.

Empty ends
By using the most advanced third generation 5:6 rotor and the optimized rotor profile in Europe, our air end is the best of its kind with low noise, low energy consumption, low vibration, low maintenance cost and long and reliable service life. Use German CK45 steel, original SKF Bearing. Big rotor and big bearing ensure low speed. The high precision 0.02-0.035mm working clearance between rotor gears makes our air end have excellent durability and long service life.

Oil filter
The rotary oil filter designed by aerospace and made of high-quality materials has better filtering effect than other oil filters and effectively extends the service life of the air end. When the filter needs to be maintained or replaced, it can automatically remind.

Oil gas separator
With large capacity oil tank, high-quality separator components and advanced tertiary oil-gas separator design, our compressor can ensure the high quality of compressed air, which contains less than 3ppm oil.

Air compressor for quarrying

Air compressor for quarrying

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