Vacuum degree of vacuum pump

How to control vacuum degree of vacuum pump under abnormal condition

Many vacuum pumps have no function of adjusting vacuum degree. Only by adding valves. For example, a precision pressure relief valve is arranged at the suction end of the vacuum pump. When the vacuum degree is high, open the valve and the vacuum degree will drop. If the water ring vacuum pump is used, if the container is not well sealed and needs to be vacuumized continuously, opening a small water injection valve can reduce the vacuum degree, or adding a bypass to adjust the vacuum degree; however, these are some normal conditions, and the method is more common, which has little effect on us. If you have some problems, you should consider whether there are problems at the next few points

1. Replace the correct new vacuum pump oil according to the model and specification of the product.

2. Reduce the temperature of the extracted gas, or add a corresponding heat exchanger.

3. Check whether the oil circuit is smooth, and add the same type of vacuum pump oil.

4. In addition, the vacuum degree caused by vacuum pump oil is low, that is, the vacuum pump oil is emulsified and discolored, or dirty. Solution: clean all the vacuum pump oil in the vacuum pump, replace the same type of vacuum pump oil, and solve the problem that the water vapor and impurities in the extracted gas do not enter the vacuum pump.

5. Increase the clearance of fitting. This is a long-term exhaust body containing dust and so on, which causes the gap between the rotor and the stator to increase after wear.

Solution: check whether the clearance is too large and replace new parts.

Finally, how to test the vacuum degree you adjust? There are special instruments generally, and the vacuum pump factory generally tests the ultimate vacuum degree. Install vacuum gauge directly at the inlet of vacuum pump for test.


Vacuum degree of vacuum pump

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