Oil-free compact scroll pump

Oil-free compact scroll pump product introduction:

The oil – free scroll pump is a high – performance vacuum pump with compact and low noise. This series of products has the characteristics of two-stage dry scroll pump, which can provide high pumping speed and excellent extreme vacuum degree. The dry scroll pump avoids the trouble of oil seal vane pump which needs constant maintenance, it is easy to meet the requirements of regulations and environmental protection, and saves the cost of waste oil disposal. The dry scroll pump has recognized reliability and durability, stable performance and very low cost of ownership.

Oil-free compact scroll pump

The dry scroll pump works at a pumping speed of 500L/min.

Oil-free compact scroll pump product features:

1. High pumping speed (500 l/min) and low ultimate pressure provide a clean oil-free vacuum
2. Tip seal seal with long service life usually only needs to be replaced once a year
3. Bearing purge port can simplify maintenance and extend bearing life
4. Automatic air ballast controls water vapor without reducing pumping speed

Oil-free compact scroll pump specifications:

Pumping speed 50Hz: 420L/m; 25.2 m3 / h
Pumping speed: 60Hz: 500L/m; 30 cubic meters per hour
Extreme vacuum: 9.3×10-3mbar
Inlet pressure: 0 psig
Outlet pressure: 1.5psig
CE certification: UL, CSA
Weight: 40 kg

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