circulating water vacuum pump troubleshooting

circulating water vacuum pump several methods of troubleshooting

Circulating water vacuum pump is a kind of commodity of centrifugal pump type. The circulating water vacuum pump is used within 120 degrees. There are several problems with circulating water vacuum pumps, such as no water discharge, lack of flow, murmur oscillation, and water leakage. Today’s water vacuum pump manufacturers share the following problems and treatment solutions with everyone, and I hope to help everyone!

The top of the list, the vacuum degree may not keep up, and the goal of the vacuum meter may not be accurate

The first place to look for this kind of problem is the motor. It may be that the speed is not good or the voltage is low. You should check whether the voltage is stable, or it may be that the vacuum bottle and check valve are dirty and blocked or may be corroded. Need to clean up the dirt or replace the new bottle, Spool. If the water inlet and the filter pipe network are blocked, you need to clean and pull out the dirt. Maybe there is water or air leaking in the meter vacuum meter. You should throw out the water in the vacuum meter or replace it with a new meter. The vacuum tube should be colored or cracked. Replace with a new tube.

Second, the motor does not work

It is most likely that the fuse is blown. You only need to replace the new fuse. It may be that the running capacitor is broken down or the motor winding is burned out. These all require new capacitors and motors. If the bearings are severely worn and stuck, they should be replaced. The new bearing, the impeller is blocked, and the orientation of the impeller should be checked after finishing the debris.

Third, the motor is hot and the noise is too loud

Usually the bearing is worn, the impeller is worn or the voltage is unstable or the voltage is too low. You need to replace the bearing and impeller with new ones, and check whether the line is overloaded.

As mentioned above, the common problem of circulating water vacuum pump is the treatment method. If it is still impossible to handle, you should quickly find an expert to deal with it to avoid the vacuum pump becoming obsolete.


circulating water vacuum pump troubleshooting

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