vacuum pump for drying process

Energy-saving drying process

Vacuum drying is an essential process in modern industry. Especially for the food and pharmaceutical industry, vacuum drying has higher energy efficiency and time efficiency, which greatly reduces the processing time.

It is also safe for heating materials that may degrade the product. For example, you can use vacuum drying to safely drain moisture from salads without lowering the taste or health standards of salads; similarly, you can use this technology to dry thermally sensitive drugs.

Improving product quality by vacuum drying

We fully understand the vacuum drying process, which can help you choose the right pumping system to ensure effective production, consistency and repeatability, so as to obtain high quality final products.


Where is the vacuum used in the drying process?

It is inconceivable to imagine many industrial fields and fields without vacuum drying process. The liquid contained in the material after vacuum evaporation is extracted as vapor.

Vacuum drying is faster, milder and more energy-saving than heating drying. It is especially suitable for drying processes of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other applications, in which excessive heat can destroy or degrade products.

For example, in the production of concentrated fruits or in the freeze-drying of coffee or fruit, vacuum drying can maintain product consistency and retain important ingredients, such as vitamins and flavors.

Vacuum drying is especially suitable for drying products with large surface area, such as plastic particles or other moisture absorbing materials. Vacuum is also used to dry industrial components.


Which vacuum pumps are suitable for drying process?

Screw technology has won special recognition in chemical and pharmaceutical industries requiring a large number of drying processes. Screw vacuum pumps are widely used to produce high vacuum in one stage.

Screw vacuum pumps are ideal for drying process because they have high moisture resistance and no working fluid at all. Lack of workflow makes it impossible to contaminate processed materials.

If explosive vapor may occur during drying, ATEX vacuum pumps can be used to treat such materials. These pumps meet all national and international safety certification requirements.

We provide not only vacuum technology for drying processes, but also separation devices that condense the extracted steam and recycle it in liquid form. Because the vacuum pump operates empty and does not use any workflow, there is no pollution, and if necessary, these liquids can be reused immediately.

LG screw vacuum pump can easily extract all types of vapor at low pressure level and use the working principle of empty operation. They can be used in vacuum systems of drying systems.

If you are unsure of the right pump for your intended process, please contact our. our application experts will be happy to help you choose the right industrial drying vacuum solution for your particular need.

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