Vacuum pump in crystal industry

Vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to extract gas from sealed vessel and obtain vacuum. It can be used alone, and can also be used as the pre pump and pre pump of various vacuum systems. It is widely used in medical, scientific research, chemical, laboratory, plastic, electronic and other industries, as well as electric vacuum device manufacturing, bulb, thermos bottle manufacturing, vacuum welding, instrument and refrigeration equipment, printing and packaging machinery matching, etc. So, what is the application of vacuum pump in crystal industry? Next, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will explain to you.

Crystallization is the evaporation and cooling of supersaturated liquid to form crystals. These crystals are easy to carry, store and sell. For this application, vacuum pumps are ideal for controlling evaporation / cooling rates across all pressure ranges and reducing production costs by reducing the boiling point of the liquid.

What are crystals and crystals?

Crystal is a structure in which a large number of micro material units (atoms, ions, molecules, etc.) are arranged in an orderly manner. Therefore, the arrangement rules and crystal morphology can be studied from the size of structural elements. Crystallization, a process in which amorphous matter is transformed into crystals. Among them, the amorphous is a substance which has no long-range order in atomic arrangement, its melting point is not fixed, it is in metastable state, and it has the tendency of spontaneous transition to steady state. Crystals are internal particles (atoms, molecules, ions) in three-dimensional space. Periodically repeat long-range ordered substances (regular arrangements larger than micrometers). Filling and / or material transfer, when milk and cream are injected into pipes, etc., internal air must be removed. This can be done by filling the machine. The liquid is transferred to the tank by the vacuum pump, and then discharged by the compressor, so as to realize the liquid transfer.

The applications of vacuum pump in crystal industry include:

1. Concentration: distillation, discharge, radioactive waste, black liquor, sugar, beet

2. Recover gold plating materials and photographic solution

3. Production of ammonium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, etc

4. Icing sugar, salt, health ball, aniline, urea, calcium sulfate, potassium carbonate, amino acid, penicillin and antibiotics


The key points of vacuum pump installation are as follows:

1. The vacuum pump shall be installed in a clean, flat, dry and well ventilated place, and it is advisable to keep the pump temperature at 15-40 as much as possible.

2. The vacuum pump is equipped with handle and rubber machine foot, which can be placed stably except for transportation and moving device. It can be installed on precision instruments and equipment, and can be fixed by screws.

3. When the power supply is installed, it shall be wired according to the regulations of the motor label. It should be noted that the rotation direction of the motor should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the support. That is to say, the impeller should rotate clockwise from one end of the motor fan. If the rotation direction is inconsistent, for one-way motor, connect the outgoing line K1 and K2, and for three-phase motor, just adjust any two of the three outgoing lines. For use safety, the grounding wire shall be installed.

4. The diameter of the pipe connecting the pumped vessel shall not be less than the diameter of the air inlet of the pump, and the pipe shall be short and have fewer elbows, so as to reduce the loss of pumping speed below 10 Torr. The pipeline, pumped vessel and joint shall be sealed without leakage.

5. When the vacuum pump is started with open air, a small amount of oil mist will be discharged from the exhaust port. In case of fear of affecting the working environment, the hose can be used to lead the oil mist out to the outside.

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