How to reduce the noise of water ring vacuum pump

During the use of the water ring vacuum pump, there will be continuous large noise, which will delay the normal work, and many people will shut down for treatment. However, before we solve the noise, we need to understand why it occurs. Here are some measures to reduce the product noise:

water ring vacuum pump reason of noise

1. Water ring vacuum pump body

① The exhaust port is vented to make noise. We install silencers at the outlet.

② If there is mechanical friction, the scale can only be cleaned frequently to avoid excessive noise caused by mechanical friction.

③ When the vacuum degree of water ring vacuum pump reaches the limit, it will produce cavitation sound, which can reduce the sharp noise through cavitation protection.

④ Noise caused by installation:

Check the alignment of motor and pump coupling to avoid noise and vibration caused by insufficient connection accuracy, and check whether the equipment foundation is installed firmly to avoid vibration.

⑤ The vacuum pump works under extreme vacuum:

1) The limit vacuum of water ring vacuum pump is 33hpa, which vibrates and makes noise when it works at 50hpa. The limit vacuum of water ring vacuum pump is 100hPa.

2) Generally, vibration and noise will increase when working to 110hpa. Please select the vacuum pump correctly and avoid working in the extreme vacuum.

2. Whether the water ring vacuum pump is noisy or the motor it is equipped with is noisy. If the motor is noisy, you can choose the motor with low noise or install the motor acoustic cover.


water ring vacuum pump solution to noise :

1. Reduce the working fluid flow.

2. Concentricity of vacuum pump and motor.

3. Check the tightness of fasteners of the whole machine.

4. Whether there is looseness between impeller and pump shaft, and whether the bearing in vacuum pump and motor is damaged.

5. Whether there are foreign particles in the pump cavity. If there are foreign particles in the impeller, they will collide with it when it tells it to rotate. Pay attention to the noise.

In a word, the noise of water ring vacuum pump is mainly low-frequency. The main treatment measures are sound absorption and insulation room, air inlet and exhaust muffler are installed at the air exchange port, and sound insulation cotton is wrapped on the pipe. The specific amount and degree of noise reduction shall be determined according to the actual situation. The noise of water ring vacuum pump is too loud, mainly the sound of cavitation. The cavitation device is OK. Adjust the water supply. If the water supply is too large, the water ring vacuum pump is noisy. Then it depends on whether the installation is reasonable and whether the base is fixed firmly. It’s not how long it’s been to your pump, whether the gas is corrosive.

There are many ways to cause the noise of water ring vacuum pump, and there are many solutions, so we need to find out the problem before we deal with it, so that we can remedy the problem. In addition, daily maintenance is also an important work to prevent equipment noise.

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