Liquid ring pump for chemical industry

The solution to the problem of cavitation of vacuum pump in high vacuum state is to improve the use environment of liquid ring vacuum as far as possible, the temperature of circulating water, the temperature of pumping gas and other external conditions, so as to reduce the occurrence of cavitation of liquid ring vacuum pump.

In view of the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturing accuracy problem, this problem is mainly liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pump design ability and production and processing accuracy of the understanding and improvement, which is also to the liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers of production capacity test.

Liquid ring pump for chemical industry

In single stage liquid ring vacuum pump can not meet the production requirements, and the unit cost is too high, the traditional 2 sk water ring vacuum pump faults is more, for various reasons, designed DZKB multistage liquid ring vacuum pump, in the condition of high vacuum efficiency more than 20% higher than the single-stage pump and more than 2 sk water ring vacuum pump performance stability, is suitable for the chemical industry.

To improve the swept volume of liquid ring vacuum pump in the high vacuum, reduce noise because of the qigong corrosion, but also to reduce the cavitation damage to the internal vacuum pump parts, specially designed a new type high efficiency air injector, than the traditional air ejector efficiency increased by 30%, and the liquid ring vacuum pump, to ensure that the liquid ring vacuum pump in the condition of high really swept volume reached more than 75% of the standard gas.

In the long-term cooperation with customers, EVP vacuum pump company also invested a lot of manpower, material resources and energy to help customers solve “difficult problems”. Especially environmental protection, and then the liquid ring vacuum pump and environmental protection equipment closely linked. Therefore, a vacuum environmental protection waste liquid treatment system is designed. 100% physical environmental protection treatment method is adopted to prevent secondary pollution.

Liquid (water) ring vacuum pump can provide the following options:

1. Choose according to the vacuum degree:

● long term operation in 1.3×104~1×105 Pa(100 ~ 760 Torr), single stage SK water ring vacuum pump is selected.
● long-term operation in the 5×103~1.3×104Pa(40 ~ 100Torr) interval, select double-stage 2YK water ring vacuum pump.
● operate in 1×103~1.3×104Pa(8 ~ 40Torr) interval for a long time, select 2YK double-stage oil ring vacuum pump.

2. Working medium:

● normal temperature water, ≤15℃ for the best, generally not higher than 40℃
● transformer oil or other industrial oil with low viscosity, saturated steam pressure, maximum applicable temperature of 60℃. Such as electrical industry vacuum drying.
● chemical liquid, direct selection of chemical raw materials, saturated vapor pressure liquid, such as ethanolamine, etc.
● in addition to normal temperature water, the selection of other working media should be equipped with gas-liquid separator, cooler, etc., pump shaft dynamic seal should use machine seal. Detailed performance parameters are shown in the performance table.

3. Selection of shaft dynamic seal:

● general use occasions can choose packing seal.
● no leakage requirements for use should be selected machine seal.

4. Material selection of flow parts:

● except the shaft, the other parts are cast iron or copper alloy, suitable for pumping non-corrosive gas.
●304 and 316 stainless steel. Suitable for suction of corrosive gas.
● engineering plastics, suitable for suction of corrosive gases containing acid.

5. If it is necessary to transfer gas while vacuum-pumping, the exhaust port pressure exceeds atmospheric pressure can be selected according to the following schemes:

● if the exhaust port pressure is greater than 0.15mpa, do not use vacuum pump refit, should choose a special two-stage liquid ring compressor. Supporting motor power should be increased, should be equipped with a special gas-liquid separator and automatic drainage device.
● if the exhaust port pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure and lower than 0.15mpa, can be refit for liquid ring compressor vacuum pump use.

6. System configuration type

● when the outlet working fluid is not reused or only partially reused, the open circulation system is adopted.
● when outlet working fluid must be reused and cannot be discharged, closed circulation system should be used.

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