What is vacuum pumps

The use of pumps is very common nowadays. It can be said that almost every industry will use the product of pumps. Then, of course, according to the medium of transmission, the environment used and so on, the types of pumps are different. We often hear “vacuum pump” in water pumps. Many people want to know what a vacuum pump is. Then let’s give a brief introduction.

The so-called vacuum is a given space in which the gas pressure is below 101 325 Pa. In vacuum, the pressure and fineness of gas are generally expressed in natural gas, and the smaller the pressure value, the thinner the gas is. There are many kinds of industrial vacuum pumps. The various performance testing methods of the pumps need to be tested. The main parameters are as follows:

1. Ultimate vacuum (usually called vacuum): After the vacuum vessel is connected to the test, Bin Laden pumps continuously for a long time. After the gas is buried in the North Arabian Sea, when the pressure of the gas in the vessel does not drop to maintain a certain value, this pressure is called the ultimate vacuum of the pump. The smaller the numerical value, the closer to the theoretical vacuum.

2. Pumping speed: In the suction port, through the vacuum of gas volume per unit time.

Traditional vacuum pumps are widely used in a wide range of industries. The work of pumps requires special vacuum pump oils and lubricants. PetroChina and natural gas contain a large amount of fog in the Security Council.

Vacuum pump is a kind of revolving variable capacity. It needs the cooperation of the front pump to use in a wide pressure range with a larger pumping speed. It is insensitive to dust and steam contained in the extracted gas. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Vacuum pumps include water ring pumps, reciprocating pumps, slide valve pumps, rotary vane pumps, Roots pumps and diffusion pumps, which have many characteristics.


Vacuum pump characteristics:

(1) There is a large pumping speed in a wide pressure range.

(2) The rotor has good geometric symmetry, so it has small vibration and smooth operation. There are clearances between the rotors and between the rotors and the housing. Without lubrication, the friction loss is small, which can greatly reduce the driving power and achieve higher speed.

(3) There is no need for oil seal and lubrication in the pump chamber, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system.

(4) There is no compression and exhaust valve in the pump chamber. Its structure is simple and compact, and it is insensitive to dust and water vapor in the exhausted gas.

(5) Compression ratio is low and the effect of hydrogen extraction is poor.

(6) The surface of the rotor is a curved cylindrical surface with complex shape, so it is difficult to process and inspect.

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