Oil free scroll vacuum pump

Why is the oil-free scroll vacuum pump widely used? The oil-free scroll vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and no environmental pollution. In order to use oil-free scroll vacuum pump products safely, it is very necessary to choose a regular manufacturer to buy products, and for the sake of, it seems that the operation must be carried out in accordance with the instructions! Today’s products are suitable for many industries and have many advantages. The following is an introduction to the relevant information of the products:

The oil-free scroll vacuum pump has good durability. It is a vacuum pumping, compression and dual-purpose vacuum pump. It is a basic equipment with a wide range of applications to obtain vacuum.

Compared with the oil pump, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump has the advantages of low vacuum degree, small air volume, small size, easy installation, simple maintenance, convenient movement, no oil smoke and no environmental pollution, especially in the laboratory with high requirements. It is also one of the experimental equipment. Therefore, when choosing oil-free scroll vacuum pump, we should first determine the required vacuum degree. If the required vacuum degree is high, the selected vacuum pump will be higher than the required vacuum degree, otherwise, it will not meet the requirements of vacuum pumping, and it will not meet the working requirements. Secondly, the pumping rate of oil-free vortex vacuum pump should be slightly higher than the required pumping rate when selecting the type, so as to better meet the needs. . check whether the extracted gas is corrosive. The corrosive gas will corrode the pump. Special materials should be used to meet the requirements.

The main advantages of oil-free scroll vacuum pump include:

① . it has a good sealing performance. It is not directly connected to the leakage channel of the suction and exhaust chambers like the mechanical pump. It is easy to seal and achieve a high vacuum.

② The rotating radius is small, the relative sliding speed of the dynamic and static scroll is only about 1 / 7 of that of the vane vacuum pump, and the dynamic seal between the dynamic and static scroll is relatively easy, which is conducive to extending the service life of the pump.

③ The compression process must be slow. There are two or three compression processes at the same time. The compression cavity is symmetrical with respect to the crankshaft, so that the operation process of the pump is stable, the driving torque and gas impact fluctuation are small, and the noise and vibration of the pump are reduced.

All in all, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump has a simple structure, a high compression ratio, a stable pumping speed in a wide pressure range, and a wide working pressure range; the gap between the dynamic and static scroll plates is small and the leakage is small, because the change of the volume of the compression cavity is continuous, the change of driving torque is small, the change of power is small, the vibration noise is low, and the reliability is high. This is not available for other types of dry vacuum pumps.


2. Oil free scroll vacuum pump solves the basic and common problems of pollution and vibration

Due to the oil leakage, noise, oil return pollution, high energy consumption and vibration of ordinary rotary vane oil pump, the users are affected, such as the oil vapor pollution and oil return of process system in biological products industry and semiconductor industry. In the coating process of vacuum coating equipment, if the ordinary rotary mechanical vacuum pump is used as the pre-stage vacuum pump, the coating equipment will be polluted and the film quality will be affected.

Compared with the oil pump used in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing process, there is a significant gap in the yield, and the discharged oil mist steam also pollutes the environment. In the scientific instrument industry, especially in the analysis and test instrument industry, the use of oil pump will affect the test results. The effect of using oil-free vortex vacuum pump as the front stage vacuum pump on the large-scale synchrotron radiation beam line is also quite obvious. In addition, the oil-free scroll vacuum pump causes environmental pollution and troubles to the users due to the oil leakage of ordinary oil pump. The advantages and reliability of the existing oil-free scroll vacuum pump are also proved by the use of users.

3. Oil free scroll vacuum pump reduces the cost of system manufacturing and operation

In order to prevent the common rotary vane oil vacuum pump from polluting the return oil of the vacuum system, it is necessary to add a cold well to the air extraction system to capture the oil molecules; during the operation of the system, it is also necessary to clean and remove the oil regularly; some need to clean regularly.

Oil free scroll vacuum pump is widely used because of its many advantages. And with the continuous progress of society, products in all aspects of qualitative leap.

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