water ring vacuum pump start and stop operation and precautions

water ring vacuum pump preparation before startup:

1. Check whether the foundation bolts of chassis, pump base bolts, motor bolts and vacuum pump components are connected reliably.

2. Check whether the lubricating oil (grease) of each part is sufficient. Confirm that the grease of the oil cup meets the requirements.

3. The turning gear shall rotate evenly without blocking or loosening, and the protective cover shall be installed.

4. Check whether the seal meets the requirements, and the packing gland shall be properly tightened without skewing.

5. Check whether the electrical insulation is normal, jog the motor for single test of forward and reverse rotation, and check whether the rotation direction is correct.

6. Put thermal instruments (pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, water level gauge, etc.) into operation, and pneumatic air valve is qualified in single test

7. Check that the manual valve of the air system of the water ring vacuum pump is open and the pneumatic air valve is closed

7. Check that the industrial cooling water of plate cooler is in standby state

8. Check that the working water system of water ring vacuum pump is in normal standby state, and the desalted water and condensate are preferred as standby

9. Check and close the drain valves at the bottom, free end and drive end of the water ring vacuum pump

10 check and close the drain valve at the bottom of the gas water separator, and open the overflow valve

water ring vacuum pump start up operation:

1. Open the industrial cooling water inlet valve and outlet valve of the plate cooler, and check whether the flow indicator and return water are normal

2. Open the working water inlet valve of the water ring vacuum pump, the working water inlet valve and bypass valve (desalted water) of the gas water separator, and inject water into the vacuum pump. Note: no liquid idling is allowed for the water ring vacuum pump to avoid damaging parts.

3. Inform the electric motor to power on

4. Check that the DCS screen starts normally (a inlet air valve is closed, B water level of air-water separator is more than 50mm, C bearing temperature is less than 80 ℃, D motor coil temperature is less than 140 ℃)

5. If the start-up conditions are met, contact relevant personnel to start the water ring vacuum pump. When the inlet pneumatic valve is in front of the valve and the vacuum is greater than 90kpa, the interlock will be opened. Check that the vacuum degree at the pump inlet is within the required range, the outlet flow is normal, and the motor current is within the normal range, and confirm that the pressure at the pump inlet and outlet is stable without leakage


water ring vacuum pump precautions during operation:

1. In order to ensure the normal vacuum degree, the water inlet temperature should be less than 30 ℃, and 15 ℃ is the most appropriate temperature. Pay attention to adjust the water outlet valve opening of the plate cooler

2. Check that the running current is normal and the motor coil temperature is not higher than 140 ℃

3. The temperature rise of the bearing shall not be higher than 35 ℃, and the temperature shall not be higher than 80 ℃.

4. All connecting parts shall be tight without leakage, abnormal sound and vibration

5. The working water make-up bypass valve of the gas water separator is closed for operation, and the make-up solenoid valve is closed automatically according to the water level to control the working water level.

6. For the stable operation of the water ring vacuum pump, it is suggested that the overflow valve of the gas-water separator should select the manual switch to control the water level.

water ring vacuum pump shutdown operation:

1. Inform the relevant post and team leader, pay attention to vacuum, stop the water ring vacuum pump, interlock and close the pneumatic valve at the inlet of the vacuum pump, and confirm that the pneumatic valve is fully closed. It is recommended to close the pneumatic valve at the inlet and stop the water ring vacuum pump after confirming that the vacuum is normal. On standby interlocking

2. In case of isolation maintenance, pull the power according to the work order, isolate the air side, working water side and cooling water side, and open the vent valve at the bottom of the water ring vacuum pump. Open the vent valve at the bottom of the gas water separator.

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