Rotary Vacuum Pump in Feeder

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in feeding machine can carry out material transportation. Vacuum technology is mainly used for powder or bulk material transportation. It is composed of high quality castings. It is widely used in food, medicine and other aspects and has considerable advantages. There are many kinds of feeding machines in modern production. Usually, different feeding methods are required to be purchased by installing their own production processes. This article through the following content to give you an analysis of the feeder in the rotary vane vacuum pump to play what role.

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Feeder

2XZ Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Now our more common feeder is vacuum suction machine, widely used in the pharmaceutical, food industry. Vacuum suction machine uses Venturi principle to produce vacuum. The negative pressure generated by vacuum sucks material from the feed port through the suction hose and the suction port. Then the air and material are separated in the filter bin of the separation container. Material falls automatically due to gravity and is collected in the silo. Our rotary vane vacuum pump prevents fine powder from entering the filter to improve the efficiency of the filter. When the warehouse is full of material, the vacuum pump automatically closes and the pressure in the conveying equipment reaches balance. The discharging valve opens and the material is discharged through the discharging port and directly falls into the storage container. When discharging, the filter core is automatically cleaned by the back-blown air bag. If the material is more sticky, we can install a special vibrator to assist blanking. The discharging chamber closes automatically at the end of discharging, and the whole conveying process starts again and again so repeatedly.

Our company introduces some simple contents of rotary vane vacuum pump for feeder.

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Feeder

Working Principle: Compressed air flows into the annular high-pressure chamber through the intake port and flows through the nozzle at high speed. This high-speed air flow creates a low-pressure area (vacuum) at the entrance, so the material at the entrance is inhaled by the high-pressure air flow and input to the designated position.

Application: It is widely used in the pneumatic pipeline transportation of light materials in textile, chemical, food, electronics, plastics, medicine, packaging and other industries.

Advantages: 1. Low noise, low maintenance; 2. Compact structure, no moving parts, small size; 3. Connecting different standard hoses, can easily form a long-distance conveying system with high circulation capacity, easy installation; 4. Aluminum or stainless steel materials; 5. Provide a variety of specifications, pipe diameter from 13 mm to 121 mm can be selected.

Punock rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in all fields of vacuum engineering, including industrial production and research and development, and can be used to produce rough and medium vacuum environment. It can not only be used alone, but also as the front pump of other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps, or the front pump or pre-pump of ultra-high vacuum pumps.

Vacuum feeder is one of the necessary equipments for modern chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, metallurgy, building materials, agricultural and sideline industries, etc. The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in feeder can improve work efficiency, transport accuracy, reliable and durable quality, and the raw materials are completely free from moisture, pollution, no foreign bodies, no leakage, and realize the feeding process. Autotransporting, avoiding the danger of feeding at high altitude, reducing labor intensity and improving production efficiency is one of the indispensable elements of modern enterprise’s civilized production.

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