Vacuum system for oil refining

With the increase of the raw material cost and the rising of the processing cost of the edible oil enterprises, it will be difficult to control the current situation of profit reduction or even loss. Facing the severe environmental protection situation, market situation and huge market competition pressure, the oil enterprises will try to take various measures to save energy and reduce consumption and reduce the processing cost. This paper mainly introduces the application of lower vacuum system in large-scale grease enterprises, and analyzes the current situation of grease refining vacuum system and the working process of vacuum system. Let’s learn about it together with EVP vacuum pump manufacturer.

Present situation of vacuum system in oil refining

At present, three-stage steam jet pump or water jet pump is generally used for desolvation of vacuum system in refining workshop at home and abroad; water jet pump is used for decolorization; four-stage steam jet pump is mostly used for deodorization vacuum system, dry condensation vacuum system or low-temperature alkali liquid vacuum system are also used in some enterprises. The traditional four-stage steam jet pump is used in most deodorization sections of domestic grease production. The advantages of the four-stage steam jet pump system are simple structure, long service life, large air extraction capacity, insensitive to dust, etc., but its disadvantages are large steam consumption, large cooling water consumption, large amount of waste water, environmental pollution, easy wear of nozzles, and easy corrosion of injectors. Therefore, the vacuum system of oil refining in large oil enterprises needs to be reformed.


vacuum system working process:

The steam in the system enters the first cold condenser and the second cold condenser, exchanges heat with liquid ammonia, freezes and freezes directly, and the non condensable gas is extracted through the vacuum system at the back. The first ice cold condenser and the second ice cold condenser work alternately. When the first ice cold condenser is full of ice, the system will switch to the second ice cold condenser. At this time, the first ice cold condenser needs to be ice treated. By introducing low-pressure steam into the ice melting tank, the steam enters the first ice cold condenser through the connecting pipe, and melting the ice in the first ice cold condenser, the ice water will It flows back to the ice melting tank, and then cools the first cold condenser to the required temperature to enter the standby state.

The vacuum system can save more than 40% energy in deodorization process of oil production. The vacuum pump system greatly improves the collection effect of fatty acids. The traditional four-stage steam jet pump is replaced by two-stage vacuum pump and one water ring vacuum pump, which reduces the power steam consumption. Vacuum pump system can minimize steam consumption, reduce sewage discharge, and effectively control the volatilization of light component stimulating gas.

To sum up, in terms of the technical level and development status of oil deodorization vacuum system at home and abroad, the vacuum system is the preferred technology to reduce energy consumption in large domestic oil industry due to its high technical maturity and remarkable effect. At the same time, the application of vacuum system in large grease enterprises has four advantages: low steam consumption; low cooling water circulation; small smell and low total operation cost.


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