aeration roots blower selection

What factors affect the selection of Roots blower? Due to the different uses and working conditions of Roots blowers, the roots blowers in each construction scene are different, so hundreds of types and parameters of Roots blowers are produced. Today, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will give you a brief talk about the factors that affect the selection of Roots blower.

1. Calculate the parameters according to the actual situation

In the selection of Roots blower in sewage treatment plant, the performance parameters given in the product samples of blower manufacturers are all under the standard inlet state. However, the fan is not in the standard state in actual use. When the environmental conditions of Roots blower such as temperature, atmospheric pressure and altitude are different, the performance of Roots blower will also change, so the product can not be directly used in design and selection It is necessary to convert the performance requirements of Roots blower into the parameters of Roots blower under standard air inlet condition according to the actual use state.

2. Analysis of the factors affecting the outlet pressure

The exhaust pressure of the positive displacement roots blower does not depend on the fan itself, but on the condition that the gas is discharged from the roots blower, that is, the so-called “back pressure”. The aeration roots blower has the characteristics of forced gas transmission.

The exhaust pressure marked on the nameplate of Roots blower is the rated exhaust pressure of the fan. In fact, roots blower can work at any pressure lower than the rated discharge pressure, and can also work beyond the rated exhaust pressure as long as the strength and exhaust temperature permit.

In terms of the absolute pressure loss of the aeration tank and the atmospheric pressure of the system. If for some reason, such as the aerator or pipe blockage, the pressure loss of the pipeline system will increase, and the back pressure will also increase, so the pressure of Roots blower will correspondingly increase; if the aerator rupture or pipeline leakage and other reasons, the pressure loss of pipeline system will be reduced, the back pressure will continue to decrease, and the pressure of Roots blower will also be reduced.

In conclusion, to determine the pressure of aeration roots blower, only the absolute pressure that roots blower can reach under standard condition is equal to the sum of atmospheric pressure, aeration tank depth and pipeline loss under service condition.

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