Dry explosion proof vacuum pump

Before, a customer ordered a dry explosion-proof vacuum pump in our factory. A customer asked, this dry-type explosion-proof vacuum pump and conventional dry screw vacuum pump, its explosion-proof characteristics reflected in where?

Compared with the conventional dry-type screw vacuum pump, the explosion-proof performance of the dry-type explosion-proof vacuum pump is mainly reflected in two places, one is the use of explosion-proof motor, the other is its explosion-proof control system.

First is the explosion-proof motor. We know that explosion-proof motors are generally used in some flammable and explosive environments, such as pharmaceutical and chemical industries, petrochemical and natural gas industries, oil refining and other industries. In order to prevent the possible danger of electric sparks generated by the motor, the explosion-proof motor will be used to drive the fan, vacuum pump and some transmission machinery.

Compared with ordinary motors, the stop of each assembly surface of explosion-proof motors is thicker and deeper. In addition, the junction box adopts explosion-proof junction box, and the inlet adopts special explosion-proof design, which can effectively prevent possible gas explosion hazards from affecting the external environment, but it does not mean that gas explosion will not occur in the motor itself.


The explosion-proof motor can be divided into explosion-proof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non sparking type, etc. the explosion-proof level and protection level will also be different according to the motor type.

Next is the explosion-proof control system. In the above mentioned production environment, the controller, transmitter and other instruments are common sources of explosive ignition. Therefore, the control system of dry-type explosion-proof vacuum pump is also equipped with explosion-proof control system as standard. The compound structure composed of explosion-proof shell and increased safety shell is adopted. The explosion-proof control switch, button, explosion-proof signal lamp and various overload instruments are installed inside to realize various functions and effectively avoid explosion hazard caused by the controller.

The above two points are the main explosion-proof performance differences between the dry explosion-proof vacuum pump and the conventional dry screw vacuum pump. It should be pointed out that the explosion-proof performance is mainly reflected in the production environment where the equipment is located, and the screw vacuum pump itself is not suitable for extracting flammable and explosive gas medium.

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