Vacuum pump system classification

The perfect vacuum system is composed of vacuum pump or vacuum unit, various pipelines, measuring devices, valves, electrical control system and a series of supporting auxiliary components and facilities. The application of vacuum pump unit can improve the efficiency of single vacuum pump the limit pressure difference overcomes the disadvantage of low extraction rate. What kind of vacuum pump system do you know? The following is a brief introduction of several types of vacuum pump system:

According to the performance of vacuum system, vacuum pump system can be divided into low vacuum pump system, medium vacuum pump system, vacuum pump system, etc.

1. Low vacuum pump system. Low vacuum pump units usually use reciprocating pump, water ring pump, oil seal mechanical pump, screw vacuum pump, wet roots pump, jet pump, molecular sieve adsorption pump and other direct discharge atmospheric vacuum pumps it is widely used in vacuum transportation, vacuum impregnation, vacuum filtration and vacuum degassing of vacuum dryer.


2. Medium vacuum pump system. The combination of Roots vacuum pump + oil seal mechanical pump, roots vacuum + water ring vacuum pump and double roots vacuum pump are mostly used for coating machine, vacuum smelting and vacuum heat treatment and medical and chemical industry, electrical welding and other industries that need large pumping speed and medium vacuum.

3. High vacuum pump system. Diffusion pump, molecular pump, titanium sublimation pump and low temperature condensate pump are often used as the main pump of high vacuum pump unit. Because they can not work directly in the atmosphere, they must be equipped with pre pump and pre pump.

With the continuous development of vacuum equipment, with the continuous emergence of various new vacuum pump systems, the design process of vacuum system will continue to simplify the existing type of vacuum pump system, to achieve higher application efficiency.

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