Vacuum pump for vacuum distillation process

Provide solutions for domestic food packaging, textile, plasticizing and chemical industry. In recent years, vacuum technology has been widely used in the relevant processes of traditional industries, and it is also the key equipment of modern advanced processes. Screw vacuum pump is also the new expensive vacuum pump for vacuum distillation process.

Vacuum distillation vacuum pump

It is usually used to separate substances that are easy to decompose when heated to boiling point under atmospheric pressure, or combined with other distillation methods (such as steam distillation) to reduce distillation temperature and improve separation efficiency. Separation and purification of metal alkoxides. Vacuum distillation is also used for deep purification of some special gases.

Some compounds have high boiling points. In order to make this kind of compounds boil, it is better to reduce the pressure of boiling rather than increase the temperature. Once the pressure is reduced to the vapor pressure of the compound (at a certain temperature), the compound begins to boil, and distillation can be carried out. This technology is called vacuum distillation and is commonly used in the laboratory in the form of a vacuum vaporizer. This technique is very useful for compounds whose boiling point exceeds their decomposition temperature at atmospheric pressure. Any attempt to boil these compounds at atmospheric pressure will cause them to decompose.

Vacuum distillation is a technology used to separate crude oil with higher boiling point. The basic theory and method are similar to those used to separate lighter fractions in atmospheric distillation. The difference between the two physical separation methods is that atmospheric distillation is carried out under atmospheric pressure, while vacuum distillation is carried out under significantly reduced pressure, so the boiling point of the substance is reduced. As a result, high boiling components can be boiled at lower temperatures without the risk of cracking. The vacuum tower is much shorter than the atmospheric tower to minimize the pressure difference from top to bottom. In general, the pressure used in vacuum distillation is in the range of 50 to 100 mmHg, although some lubricating oil feedstocks may require lower pressure operating conditions. The fraction recovered from vacuum distillation is usually divided into gas oil, lubricating oil and asphalt. The combination of atmospheric distillation and vacuum distillation is the first step to transform crude oil into useful and economic products.


In terms of distillation process, what are the application aspects of vacuum technology?

Vacuum distillation is an important process in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and it is also widely used in other industries, including beverage and food production. In addition, it is also used for refining crude oil: crude oil contains heavy hydrocarbon and light hydrocarbon with different boiling points, so two distillation processes are needed. First, atmospheric distillation is adopted, then secondary distillation is carried out through vacuum, and heavy hydrocarbon is separated at low temperature, so as to minimize thermal cracking and unnecessary by-product generation.

Which vacuum pump product line is especially suitable for vacuum distillation process?

High vacuum can be produced by screw vacuum pump, which is an ideal choice for distillation process. This kind of vacuum pump has no working fluid during operation, which can pump the medium into steam without causing pollution. Therefore, the medium can be reused after condensation. We supply various specifications and models of products, including explosion-proof products (ATEX).

We provide a wide range of vapor compatible, non corrosive vacuum equipment, which is an ideal choice for distillation process. In order to deal with flammable vapor, gas and liquid, we also provide ATEX (explosion-proof) vacuum pump products.

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