Application of vacuum pump in coal mine

The vacuum pump commonly used in coal mine is 2BV type water ring type vacuum pump, which can obtain the limit vacuum of 3300Pa, which can start the water pump and drainage arrangement in a few tens of seconds. Saying a ring vacuum pump is axial single function structure, the impeller and the pump body relative eccentric installation, therefore, when the impeller rotates, impeller water to be thrown around, due to the effect of centrifugal force, water to form a decision in the pump cavity shape is similar to closed water ring, such as thickness of water ring surface of the upper part of jinyi tangent with the impeller wheel, water ring in the lower part of the surface just contact with the top of the blade (actually leaves in the water ring there a certain insertion depth).

There is a crescent space between the impeller wheel and the water ring, and the leaves are divided into several closed small Chambers with different interconnection and volume, with the impeller rotating. If you take the upper part of the impeller. For the starting point, the volume of the small cavity in the impeller at 180 before the rotation is small and large, and is connected with the suction port on the end surface. At this time, the gas is inhaled, and the small cavity is isolated from the inhalation mouth when the inhalation ends. When the impeller continues to rotate, the small cavity is smaller and the gas is compressed; When the small cavity communicates with the vent, the gas is expelled from the pump.

Vacuum pump suction pipe connected to the first level of main pump pump shell. Vacuum pump drain direct water pump room gutters, vacuum pump water seal tube continuously to supply water to the water inside the vacuum pump seal water, in a one-way valve is set on balance room which leads to the drain pipe. Before the pump starts, open the valve and then start the vacuum pump. At this time, the solenoid valve is automatically opened and the pump is filled with water. Four mine water pump room designed the wall 1m3 water tank for vacuum pump irrigation.

Type 2BV water ring vacuum pump can achieve without bottom valve drainage centrifugal pump, water tank, for artificial irrigation, water demand is not much, but to occupy the area on the ground, vacuum pump and motor and one with a case. The starting time of the two types of pumps is also different. According to the actual conditions, each mine is free to use, which can meet the requirements of economic operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and meet the requirements of the design specification for underground drainage of coal mines.


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