pump for Pulping Papermaking

We provide vacuum pumps for all industrial applications in the pulp and paper industry.

In the pulp and paper industry, in fluid treatment solutions, we are the top priority of vacuum pumps. We offer a variety of industrial pumps that are best suited for handling all kinds of fluids, from clean liquids to corrosive, viscous and other solid materials.

Pulp pump is famous for its heavy centrifugal design. It is designed to treat pulp and pulp with a concentration of up to 7%. It is also suitable for heavily contaminated liquids.

In the pulp and paper industry, using the right pump in the right position will make a huge difference in production and quality. There are many pumps available, but which one is suitable for you? Knowing which pump is most suitable for your application will help improve the production capacity and service life of the pump and system. This is the best Purchasing Guide for choosing the right pump.

Centrifugal pump:

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used pumps for pumping solvents, chemicals, oils, acids and bases. The design of centrifugal pumps is practically applicable to any application involving low viscosity fluids. It makes fluid move by means of rotating energy from one or more driven rotors called impellers. Fluid rapidly enters the rotating impeller along its axis and is discharged along its edge by centrifugal force through the edge tip of the impeller. The speed of the impeller increases the speed and pressure of the fluid and leads it to the outlet of the pump.

There are two designs of pump housing: volute and diffuser. The purpose of both designs is to convert fluid flow into controlled flow under pressure.


1. Because of the modular design, it is easy to modify to exact requirements.

2. Compared with pneumatic pumps, centrifugal pumps are more efficient.

3. Centrifugal pumps have many shapes and sizes and are widely used.

Rotor pump:

Rotary convex angle pumps, also known as positive displacement pumps, are universal independent equipment. These pumps are mainly used in chemical industry and environmental technology. They are metered according to rotational speed while continuously and mildly treating almost all substances. Their small space requirements and high power density are their most important advantages. The side vane pump operates the fluid flowing around the shell. The convex angle is not in contact with the fluid in the casing. The pump shaft support bearing is located in the gearbox, because the bearing is not in the pumping fluid, so the pressure is limited. Axis deflection reduces the noise level of the pump.


Liquid ring vacuum pump:

In the pulping and papermaking process, vacuum dewatering is needed in many technical fields. For example, the vacuum suction tank of the mesh part, the vacuum suction roller, the vacuum holding part of the vacuum suction tank for wetting pulp up and down, etc. The range of liquid ring vacuum pump is usually used for vacuum. Pulp dehydration. When choosing a pump, make sure it meets the technical requirements of the production line.

Only by combining the whole process of pulping and papermaking with plant technology can we provide a series of high performance and reliable vacuum pumps. If you are looking for the best quality vacuum pump for paper and pulp, please contact us.contact@evpvacuum.com

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