vacuum pump pump room installation conditions

In general enterprise production, the vacuum pump needs to be set up when it is used. Only if it is qualified, the working effect will be stronger when it is used. Let’s introduce the conditions for setting up the pump room.

1. Bottom plate elevation of vacuum pump room: when the pump is stopped, the water level of the sump is 1 m lower than the central axis of the sewage pipeline, and the water depth is set as 2 m, so the bottom plate elevation of the pump room is 23.30 M.

2. Four submersible pumps are set in the pump, with a distance of 3M and a length of 20m.

3. It shall be composed of machine room and water collecting pool with width of 4.2m and 4.3m respectively.

4. The machine room is divided into two grids, one hzpn-ii type 1.5m * 1.5m cast iron flat gate is set, and the trash screen is set 2.5m away from the side wall.

5. The length of the water collecting well is 20 m, the width is 4.3 m, the water depth is 2 m, the effective volume is 172 m? (not counting the machine room), and the pumping capacity of the water collecting well is 127 m higher than that of the single pump for 5 min?.

6. Two sv064b submersible slurry pumps, one for standby and one for use, are set in the water collection room. The vacuum pump is placed in the sump with the ground elevation of 20.75m.


vacuum pump installation requirements:

Vacuum pump is a device to improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various methods, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries. What installation requirements do vacuum pumps usually have.

1. The pump shall be installed in a solid place on the ground, with sufficient space around for inspection, maintenance and repair.

2. The foundation level shall be kept under the vacuum pump base. It is recommended to pad damping rubber or install it with bolts at the four corners of the base to ensure smooth operation and small vibration.

3. The connecting pipeline between the pump and the system shall be sealed reliably. For small pumps, the metal pipeline connection gasket can be used. For small pumps, the oil-resistant rubber can be used. For small pumps, the vacuum rubber pipe connection can be used. The pipe diameter shall not be less than the suction diameter of the pump, and the pipeline shall be short with few elbows. When welding the pipeline, the welding slag in the pipeline shall be removed, and it is forbidden to enter the pump cavity.

4. In the connecting pipeline, the user can install a valve and a vacuum gauge above the air inlet of the pump to check the ultimate pressure of the pump at any time.

5. Connect the power supply according to the motor label, and connect the ground wire and install the fuse and thermal relay of appropriate specification.

6. When the vacuum pump is electrified for test run, the motor belt must be removed, and the pump can be put into use only after the direction of rotation meets the requirements, so as to prevent the pump from reverse injection. The steering shall be installed in the direction indicated by the protective cover.

7. For the vacuum pump with cooling water, connect the cooling water as required.

8. If the solenoid valve is installed at the pump port, the valve and the pump shall act at the same time.

9. When the exhaust gas of the pump affects the working environment, the exhaust port can be equipped with a pipeline to lead away or an oil mist filter.

For the vacuum pump, the setting of the pump room is very important, if there is no pump room, the vacuum pump can not work, so we should understand the above knowledge. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult.


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