2XZ series bipolar rotary vane pump

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2XZ series bipolar rotary vane pump

Bipolar rotary vane pump

Bipolar rotary vane pump refers to two pumps installed on the same drive shaft in series into the front and the back two stages of the oil line relationship, that is, the oil outlet of the former pump is the oil inlet of the latter pump, two vane pumps installed in a pump body and connected in series on the oil line.

The working principle of two-stage vane pump is shown in figure I. The rotors of two single-stage vane pumps are mounted on the same drive shaft. When the drive shaft turns, the two rotors turn together. The two-stage pump sucks oil from the oil tank through the oil suction pipe, and the oil output is directly sent to the oil suction port of the second stage pump, and the oil output of the second stage pump is sent to the working system through the pipeline, thus forming the oil supply relationship between the front and the back stages.

Bipolar rotary vane pump of operating principle

If the output pressure of the first stage pump is p1 and the output pressure of the second stage pump is p2, then the final output pressure of the pump is p1+p2:. But this needs a basic condition: the output flow of the pump should exactly meet the needs of the second stage pump flow, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of oil cavitation, causing noise, and reduce the efficiency of the pump. Since the curves and widths of the inner walls of the stator of the two pumps cannot be made exactly the same, the capacity of the two single-stage pumps cannot be exactly the same every revolution. In order to balance the relationship between two pump flow and load, as shown in figure I, in the pump body is equipped with a load balancing valve, make the * pump oil output and the big end of balancing valves 1, make the output of the secondary pump oil and the small end of the balance valve 2 are interlinked, so, when the * pump output flow rate is greater than the loss of secondary pump capacity, excess oil by balancing valve open the big end of balance valve, and the drainage flow back to its inlet, give two pump flow and load balance; If the level of the pump output flow rate less than the needs of secondary pump, oil pressure p1 to cut, balancing valve to the left, and the balance valve level drainage mouth will be shut down, and in the valve on the right side of the balance valve opens mouth, the portion of the output secondary pump oil from the line 2 through the valve port flow back to secondary pump inlet and get traffic supplement and balance.

Generally, the single stage pressure of this pump can be up to 7.0mpa, and the working pressure of the double stage pump can be up to 14.0mpa. This pump is generally used for vane pumps with slightly higher pressure.

Vane pump is the most widely used in the hydraulic system of machine tools. It has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, smooth operation, small noise, long service life, but also has the disadvantages of complex structure, poor oil absorption performance, more sensitive to oil pollution. Generally, the working pressure of blade pump is 7MPa, and the high-pressure blade pump can reach 14MPa. With the continuous improvement of structure and process materials, the blade pump is gradually developing towards the direction of middle and high pressure. The rated pressure of existing products is as high as 28MPa. According to whether the output flow is variable, the blade pump can be divided into quantitative blade pump and variable blade pump; According to the number of times of rotary suction, oil pressure and radial liquid pressure borne by shaft, bearing and other parts, the vane pump can be divided into single-acting vane pump (variable vane pump) and double-acting vane pump (quantitative vane pump).

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