2BE1 605 liquid ring vacuum pump

The company absorbs German technology, according to the different needs of different industries to improve the structure of the pump, design a new generation of 2BE1 605 series liquid ring vacuum pump. To ensure reliable and efficient operation in electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, mining, paper making, sugar making, molding and other fields.

2BE1 605 liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump of working principle:

The impeller is installed eccentrically in the pump body and a certain amount of water is injected into the pump body. When the impeller rotates, the water is subjected to centrifugal force to form a liquid ring inside the pump body wall, and a moonshaped space is formed between the impeller hub and the water ring. In the first half turn, the volume of the sealing chamber between the two blades and the water ring gradually increases, producing negative pressure, and inhaling gas through the suction port of the distribution plate. In the rear half turn, the volume of the sealing chamber is gradually reduced, and the gas is compressed and discharged through the outlet of the distribution plate, thus acting as an inspiration and exhaust. In the process of operation, part of the water will be discharged with the gas, it is necessary to supply water to the pump continuously to keep the liquid loop in the pump working steadily.

Liquid ring vacuum pump model introduction

Be1 103-0,2be1153-0,2be1203-0,2be1 253-0,2be1 303-0,2be1 605-1, water ring vacuum pump
2be1 353-0,2be1 403-0,2be1 355-1,2be1 405-1,2be1 1505-1,2be1 1705-1,

2BE1 605 series liquid ring vacuum pump adopts single stage and single action structure, which has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and energy saving, reliable operation, etc. The design of the key parts of the pump shaft, impeller and distribution plate is optimized. Both nodular iron impeller and stamping formed welding impeller have undergone good heat treatment, and before and after interference hot charging, they are respectively balanced and dynamic balance checked, which makes the operation more stable and the impact resistance better, and is applicable to such bad conditions as large displacement and load impact fluctuation.

2BE1 605 liquid ring vacuum pump adopts single-stage action structure, which is an energy-saving product promoted by the country. Usually used for suction of gases without solid particles, insoluble or slightly soluble in the working fluid. The pump generally USES water as the working fluid.

Design criteria


Use the field

Desulfurization devices for mine gas drainage, condenser vacuum extraction and fly ash treatment; Vacuum distillation, dehydration, filtration, immersion, extraction and other processes

Product features

Top exhaust or horizontal exhaust for easy installation;

Low operating cost, low noise, high reliability and easy maintenance;

Even in the absence of working fluid, the pump body will not be damaged;

Select high quality materials for special working conditions;

The design of flexible exhaust valve is adopted to achieve good efficiency.

Performance table

◆ the above performance parameters are based on the condition that the inlet temperature is 20℃, the inlet temperature is 15℃, the inhaled gas is saturated air and the exhaust pressure is 101.3kpa.

◆ motor power is usually used to support the power, users have special requirements, please contact our factory.

◆ the intake and exhaust caliber in the table refers to the intake and exhaust caliber with intake manifold and exhaust steam separator.

◆2BE1 605 liquid ring vacuum pump with a first stage injector, suction pressure can be lower than the minimum suction pressure; Equipped with cavitation prevention device, can effectively improve the pump in

Cavitation resistance under high vacuum.

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