Roots Vacuum Pump Price

With the continuous development of industrialization, Roots vacuum pump has gradually entered our life, but the price of Roots vacuum pump is different from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan, depending on the type of Roots vacuum pump we choose or the working efficiency of Roots vacuum pump, which affects the price of Roots vacuum pump.

We buy Roots Vacuum Pump in order to ensure the efficient use of our production and the long-term use of our machines. The price of Roots Vacuum Pump is very expensive. When we choose Roots Vacuum Pump, we can not only look at the price of Roots Vacuum Pump, but also consider the configuration, performance characteristics, working efficiency of Roots Vacuum Pump. After-sales service, these are the problems we need to consider when buying Roots vacuum pump. The continuous development of Roots vacuum pump affects the production and manufacture of enterprises, so we can not only want to buy cheap products, but also choose according to its quality, so as to be conducive to their own use.

Roots vacuum pump price

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

Roots vacuum pump technical parameters :

Model ZJ-150 ZJ-300 ZJ-600 ZJ-1200
Pumping speed(L/s) 150 300 600 1200
Ultimate pressure
1stage piston pump as backing pump 5×10-2
2 stage piston pump as backing pump 1×10-1
Max. allowable diff. pressure(Pa) 8×103 5×103
Motor rotary speed(RPM) 3000
Suitable motor power(kW) 2.2 4 7.5 11
Flange size Inlet(mm) 100 150 200 250
outlet(mm) 100 150 200 200
Cooling water consumption(L/h) 120 150
Allowable temperature(℃) 100
Vacuum pump oil 100#
Weight(without motor)(kg) 195 250 760 860


EVP professional vacuum pump manufacturer has provided a large number of vacuum pump application equipment for petroleum, chemical pharmaceutical, textile, food and other industries in China for many years. With its advanced technology, good quality, reasonable price and perfect service, it has won the praise of customers.

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