Vacuum pump in condenser

Vacuum pump and complete set of vacuum unit can be used for two processes of vacuumizing and vacuum maintaining of condenser. Vacuum pumping is an essential and important process before filling refrigerant in the production or repair process of refrigeration equipment. The application of vacuum pump in condenser has the effect of vacuum pumping. Vacuum pump is a kind of device or equipment which uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physicochemical methods to extract air from the container to obtain vacuum. In brief, vacuum pump is a kind of equipment to improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various means. It is widely used in pharmacy, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other professions.

What is the function of vacuum pump in condenser?

1. Remove the non condensable gas in the system: the existence of the non condensable gas will increase the condensing pressure and exhaust temperature of the system, which will affect the refrigeration effect; it may also cause the carbonization of the lubricating oil at high temperature, endanger the normal operation of the compressor, or even burn the compressor motor.

2. Remove the moisture in the system: moisture is the biggest killer in the refrigeration system (especially Freon system in the vapor compression refrigeration cycle). First, the interaction of lubricating oil and moisture will generate acid, which will corrode the system, and at the same time cause the phenomenon of “copper plating” and damage the compressor. At the same time, moisture will cause ice in the valve port or capillary of expansion valve and “ice blockage”.

In the stage of vacuumizing, the initial vacuumizing when no steam has been introduced into the condenser, and the air and other non condensing gases in the condenser are drawn out; in the stage of vacuum maintaining, during the operation of the condenser, the vacuum pump continues to work to draw out the leaked dry air, maintain the back pressure of the condenser at the best working point, ensure the efficient operation of the turbine, and improve the thermal efficiency of the power plant. The optimized vacuum pump can meet the user’s reliable operation under various complex working conditions.

With the development of refrigeration equipment, vacuum pump equipment will be paid more attention. The vacuum pump market has a broad prospect. Only by eliminating the shortcomings of the profession at that time and improving it, can we satisfy the market demand. In the future, the trend of automation and intelligence is significant, and the intelligent vacuum pump may become one of the key points to break the skills.

We put forward a solution to solve the above problems by using vacuum pump, which can greatly reduce the energy consumption of vacuum pump. This solution can not only solve the problems such as cavitation and impeller cracks that are common in the condenser at present, but also reduce the power consumption of vacuum pump operation by 70-80% under the same working condition. Roots vacuum pump can reduce the pressure fluctuation amplitude at the moment of exhaust, reduce the aerodynamic noise and temperature rise from the source; it has a fast pumping speed, is not easily affected by the ambient temperature, and can speed up the vacuum pumping speed of the condenser.

Application of vacuum pump in various industries. With the continuous development of the power industry, the vacuum pump and the complete set of imported vacuum pump are also optimized for various application requirements in this field, so as to gradually reduce the cost of power generation and greatly improve the efficiency of power generation. At present, the application of vacuum pump in condenser has spread all over the world. If you want more specific information about vacuum pump, you can consult at any time.


Vacuum pump in condenser

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