Rotary vane vacuum pump for vacuum packaging

Rotary vane vacuum pump for vacuum packaging

Rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for vacuum applications in various industries, such as: vacuum packaging of various kinds of food in food manufacturing industry; vacuum compression packaging of various soft articles in textile industry; vacuum drying, distillation and concentration in chemical industry; vacuum fixture in mechanical processing; paper conveying and transportation in printing industry. Vacuum handling in hospitals; vacuum suction in operation room; plastic molding in plastic industry.

Rotary vane vacuum pump applications:

1. vacuum packaging, food processing
2. vacuum thermoforming (blister machine, foaming molding machine)
3. material degassing, defoaming, soaking, concentrating, drying
4. vacuum adsorption, suction cups, veneers, gripping
5. central vacuum system, mobile vacuum station, etc.

Rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. There is an automatic inflation isolation valve in the pump. When the pump stops, the intake isolation valve is automatically isolated from the pumped system, which can prevent the pump oil from returning to the pumped system.
2. With an oil mist eliminator, the oil vapor in the exhaust can be effectively eliminated, so no nozzle exhaust is needed.
3, smooth operation, small vibration, can be placed on the horizontal plane, no need for anchor bolts;
4, the general engine oil can be used without vacuum pump oil.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum packaging application

Rotary vane vacuum pump is widely used in all walks of life because of its own characteristics. Among them, it is also widely used in vacuum packaging industry. Here, we will specifically understand the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum packaging.

Vacuum packaging is a kind of packaging method, in which articles are packed into airtight containers and vacuum is pumped by rotary vane vacuum pump before sealing, so that there is no air in sealed containers at all. This kind of packaging can not only prevent water vapor from entering packaging containers, but also avoid being stored in sealed moisture-proof packaging. Moist air is condensation when temperature falls.

When using rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum packaging, we should not only control the outside temperature and sterility, but also pay attention to controlling the suitable gas environment of grain to achieve the anticipated fresh-keeping purpose. However, the rotary vane vacuum pump, in any way, should extract the air from the packaging bag, and then heat-seal it to reduce the oxygen content in the bag. The growth and development of fungi and bacteria can be prevented, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation and preservation.

In addition, the rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum packaging, under its working pressure, should discharge all the gas generated in the process of vacuum equipment. If the gas contains vapor, particles and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust collector, in the intake pipeline of the pump to prolong its service life.

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