Vacuum Pump for Power Transformer

Transformer vacuum pump is a kind of device or equipment that uses mechanical, physical, chemical or physicochemical methods to extract air from the container to obtain vacuum. Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device which can improve, produce and maintain vacuum in a closed space by various methods.

According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be basically divided into two types, namely gas capture pump and gas transfer pump. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, food, electronic coating and other industries.

It is widely used in the process of generating vacuum conditions for various equipment, in the production, installation and maintenance of power transformers, capacitors and many other power equipment, as well as in the process of industrial technology. Production, such as vacuum drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum drying, vacuum coating and so on. Its vacuum pressure can be much lower than any other product in the same field. It can be equipped with a weatherproof enclosure (optional).

It is not recommended for use in vacuum processes containing too much powder, water and oxygen, as well as explosive, corrosive, toxic and chemical substances in air and gas.


Main features:

1. Special roots pump and vacuum pump are used. The pumping speed and pressure of vacuum pump are better than other equipment.

2. Working vacuum range and maximum vacuum degree are better than other products.

3. It is equipped with a special vacuum gauge, which can indicate accurately.

4. Automatic vacuum relay is used for automatic control.

5. Stable and reliable operation, low noise and convenient movement.

Product optional configuration and equipment form:

1. Vacuum pump, electrical components, etc. are all domestic famous brands.

2. Equipped with a vacuum meter, the vacuum degree of the evacuated container can be mastered immediately.

3. High vacuum rate and low energy consumption

4. Air cooling is adopted, which can be used without water source, and the equipment works normally

5. Multiple protection functions can effectively ensure the safe operation of vacuum pump

6. Advanced design, complete functions, reasonable structure and simple operation

7. The equipment adopts mobile structure, which is convenient for field use and does not harm the ground

8. It is easy to maintain. All devices are equipped with high-performance components, which can be used for a long time without maintenance

It is an important application of vacuum pump system in power transformer. EVP vacuum pump manufacturers provide customers with the most appropriate vacuum solutions during the vacuum impregnation process. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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